A Command and Control suite like no other, EyeCommand provides the user with full information superiority in battlefield situations across all levels of the command chain, enabling faster yet more effective decision-making.

Comprising three unique, integrated, and scalable platforms, military organisations can either use all platforms simultaneously for strategic effectiveness or take a one-platform-at-a-time approach to assist with tactical operations.

EyeCommand creates a digitised battlefield which allows for accurate real-time simulations, tailored to each military command level. All of this is packaged in an easy-to-use human-machine interface, designed in close co-operation with military experts.

EyeCommand’s three platforms include:

  • Battlefront
    • Delivers network-centric operations enabling easier information-sharing and hence a common operational picture for all users
  • Vantage
    • Communication tools including Tactical Data Links and ISTAR for use by battalion level and above
  • Groundforce
    • Simple-to-use and completely portable, perfect for battlefield scenarios

EyeCommand was designed in consultation with military specialists and is fully compliant with Nato standards.