Oversee assists maritime support and defence organisations in implementing and maintaining their safety, security, and environment obligations effectively and efficiently.

The programme offers unrivalled situational awareness through data fusion, risk anticipation, and machine-learning techniques. Combined with an easy-to-use human machine interface, Oversee facilitates efficient and collaborative decision-making, leading to fast situational responses and cost-effective resource allocation and optimisation.

Oversee provides software solutions for the following maritime and defence areas:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • Environmental Monitoring and Protection

Oversee’s quality speaks for itself. It has received the ‘Best Technological Innovation’ award at SAR Europe on several occasions for its ability to improve SAR response times and enable more efficient and effective ways of attending to SAR incidents.

Oversee has been built to full compliance with IAMSAR guidelines and in line with SAR best practice, having been designed in close consultation with SAR professionals.