Gamma Technical Corporation manufactures chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defence equipment, along with our portfolio of light-armoured and special-purpose vehicles.

We develop, manufacture and implement a range of systems and equipment, including radiation detection and measuring instrumentation, meteorological instruments, monitoring stations, CBRN reconnaissance systems, respiratory protective equipment, chemical protective suits, decontamination systems, special purpose vehicles and trailers, and light-armoured vehicles.

Radiation detection and measuring instrumentation for military applications

Gamma Technical Corporation has 60 years of experience in the field of manufacturing radiation measuring devices.

The BNS-92S radiation level and contamination meter is used in either routine environment checking or accident area monitoring.
The radioactive particle monitoring system measures the activity and amount of radioactive materials in liquid or gaseous substances.
Gamma developed the radiation reconnaissance system as a multipurpose detector to be used as a built-in or stand-alone device that can be easily mounted onto any vehicle.
The CBRN reconnaissance vehicle is used for nuclear contamination, chemical and biological agent applications.
The Komondor's main purpose is to serve rescue missions in radiation contaminated areas and has the ability to transport up to eight people.
Filtering type chemical protective suit.
Handheld radiation level and contamination meter and filtering type suit.
Inside view of the CBRN recce vehicle.
The portable radiological measuring instrument provides users with sample information about contamination, through selective measuring of beta and gamma radiation of any radioisotopes of fission or activation origin.
Patient decontamination equipment can be used for the decontamination of injured people evacuated from a CBRN contaminated territory.

We offer a versatile range of handheld, on-board and stationary instruments, including radiation level and contamination meters, isotope identifiers and portable sample analysers for military applications. Our line of portal monitor systems includes fixed, vehicle-mounted and mobile devices with optional isotope identification capability.

Monitoring stations and networks for radiation and gas detection

One of Gamma’s main activities is manufacturing stationary and mobile monitoring stations, as well as implementing local and nationwide monitoring networks and early warning systems, including central data acquisitioning system components.

Our systems are capable of monitoring meteorological parameters, toxic gas, background radiation, radioactive particles in air, or other gaseous, liquid, chemical and biological agents.

CBRN detection systems for defence vehicles and mobile laboratories

Our company offers complex CBRN building monitoring systems, as well as on-board detection systems for infantry vehicles, special-purpose reconnaissance vehicles and mobile laboratories.

Gamma has developed and delivered a unique, helicopter-based airborne radiation reconnaissance system for the Hungarian Defence Forces. The relatively low weight and small size of the system also makes it suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Personal protective equipment

Gamma Technical Corporation’s PPE division is based on the former Respirátor Company that specialises in respiratory protective equipment. The production of Respirátor® NBC and industrial filter canisters is based on almost 90 years of experience and track records.

In addition to respiratory protective equipment, Gamma also produces filtering type chemical protective suites and firefighter protective suites.

Decontamination systems for personnel and casualty operations

Gamma manufactures portable water supply modules for systems that provide heated decontamination solutions, and clean hot and cold water to support decontamination procedures.

We also offer complex, deployable decontamination systems for personnel and casualty decontamination.

Multi-purpose light-armoured vehicles for ballistic and mine protection

Gamma’s multi-purpose, state-of-the-art KOMONDOR vehicles feature a ‘V’-shaped, welded monocoque armour body, made from quality armour plates, which can provide up to Level 4 ballistic protection and mine protection up to level 3a/3b according to Nato STANAG 4569, as per customer requests.

Several types and versions are available in 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 configurations, with independent or rigid suspension, a highly customisable drive train and auxiliary equipment. Carrier versions with interchangeable superstructure modules offer a versatile and cost-effective solution to support multiple tasks.

Gamma can manufacture KOMONDOR vehicles in small series or fully customised versions based on specific requirements. We also support customers who wish to make their own light-armoured vehicles based on our technology through technology transfer.

About Gamma Technical Corporation

Gamma was founded in 1920 and started producing military-related equipment during its first decade. Initially, our most significant product was the Gamma-Juhász predictor, a mechanical analogue, anti-aircraft gunnery computer that brought the company remarkable export success in the 1930s.

Gamma’s core competencies in the field of CBRN defence track dates back to the 1950s, when the company started developing and producing radiation-measuring instruments.

In 2015, Respirator Zrt, a traditional manufacturer of personal respiratory protective equipment founded in 1928, merged with Gamma Technical Corporation, significantly expanding the latter’s product range and creating one of the largest defence equipment manufacturer companies in Hungary.