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Military Goggles and Eye Protection Systems

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ESS creates advanced goggles, eyeshields and sunglasses for the most active, high adrenaline users anywhere: military and law enforcement operators. ESS armed forces eyewear designs improve upon the best technologies from extreme sports eyewear with specialized materials, PPE integration, and patented features appropriate for the hazards our customers face every day.

Through an exclusive focus on protective eyewear for the military and public safety markets, ESS delivers uncompromised quality at prices that won’t rob the budget. Lab tests document that ESS products have superior impact resistance and field of view, along with distortion-free optics and the best lens coatings available. All ESS military products come with extras like multiple lens colors and protective pouches, and offer prescription inserts and laser protective lens accessories, among others.

With hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, ESS is the fastest growing military eyewear manufacturer in the world.


Created with input from elite US Special Forces groups, the Profile NVG™ is the only compact goggle system with no compromises. This advanced eye protection system has all the advantages of a low-profile frame shape, without sacrifices in dust filtration, field of view, or anti-fog performance.

Profile NVG™: The ultimate military goggle and the choice of elite special forces operators worldwide.
Land Ops™ goggles are authorized for military use in the US and many other nations worldwide; ESS goggles are the most widely fielded for US troops.
The Profile TurboFan™: better and tougher than ever, and powered by a single AA battery, the TurboFan draws fresh airflow in through the goggle frame and forces humid air out at 13,000rpm.
The ESS ICE-2X™ is the world's first spectacle kit to feature two complete eyeshields, eliminating time spent changing lenses, allowing users to quickly switch between pre-assembled eyeshields to adapt to changing light.
Equipped with the patented Adjustable Ventilation System (AVS™) technology, the Advancer V-12™'s ballistic lenses open and close to regulate ventilation and filtration.

A close proximity lens allows for unimpeded weapons sighting and night vision compatibility. Our highest quality ClearZone FC Bond™ coating keeps the lens fog-free under strenuous conditions, and the conforming frame has a smooth interface that face painters can keep clean. Compare the V50 impact rating (727 fps, .22 caliber) – there’s no goggle that does more for the soldier. Models available in Military Green, Desert Tan and Black; available with or with out a Stealth Sleeve™. Black model available with built in face padding and Stealth Sleeve™.


ESS has several other designs that offer major improvements over the old standard issue sun, wind, and dust goggles used by many domestic and international armed services.

  • ESS Land Ops™ – the only goggle authorized for use over prescription eyewear by the US army. The Land Ops is a high impact goggle that is perfect for soldiers in aerobic environments. Models available in Military Green and a Desert Tan model will be available in mid 2005. All models available with or with out a Stealth Sleeve™.
  • ESS Flight Deck™ – this goggle has taken over as the new standard issue goggle for US Navy ships and helicopter support. Ideal for use with cranial helmets. Model available in Grey with Speed Clips™.
  • ESS Vehicle Ops™ – the only goggle to receive the US Army Combat Eye Protection award for goggles. This product is ideal for mounted operations. Models available in black with or without Stealth Sleeve™.


The ESS TurboFan™ goggles have a loyal following among the most demanding military users. A patented two-speed fan system exhausts humid air for fog-free performance under rigorous conditions.

  • ESS Profile TurboFan – all the performance features of the Profile NVG (see above) with ESS’s innovative fan technology built in. The rugged battery case holds 2 AAA batteries. Model available in black with face padding.
  • ESS Striker TurboFan – all the performance features of the Striker Series goggles with ESS’s innovative fan technology built in. The rugged battery case holds two AAA batteries.


The ESS ICE 2.4™ is the most complete eyeshield system on the planet. It includes three optically correct 2.4mm thick polycarbonate lenses for use in any light conditions. The field of view is virtually unlimited with the ‘frameless’ design, and it will fit anybody, thanks to telescoping temples with bendable inner wire ear tabs. The system also includes a rugged pouch with lens pockets, a neck leash, and an anti-fog cloth. The corrective lens carrier (EPPRSC-P) can also be used with the Profile NVG™ goggle. The system is ANSI Z87.1 compliant and has 100% UVA/UVB protection. The V50 rating is an astonishing 823fps with a .17 caliber projectile far exceeding all military standards.



This lightweight high-impact sunglass is the first of its class. Available in five colors, the CDI’s extra-thick polycarbonate lenses can be easily exchanged for quick adaptation to your environment. Its high-speed low-drag frame and shatterproof lenses make the CDI™ comfortable and cool enough for downtime yet functional and rugged enough for the battlefield. Black frame with Clear and Smoke Gray high-impact lenses included. Other lenses available: Rose Copper, Amber, and Mirrored Silver.


Our high adrenaline sunglasses provide excellent value for any military personnel that need high-quality anti-fragmentation sunglasses. The sunglasses are comfortable and stylish enough for downtime, yet functional and tough enough to protect against unexpected hazards. All ESS sunglasses come with extra-thick shatterproof lenses and provide 100% UVA / UVB protection as well as a protective carrying case and micro-fiber lens cloth.


  • Comfortable fit with all standard helmets, and an extra-wide field of view
  • Optically correct polycarbonate lenses for undistorted clarity
  • Lenses are extra thick (2.4mm to 2.8mm) with 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • All lenses have very high V50 impact ratings well beyond the ANSI Z87.1 requirements to the level of the US Military .22 caliber MIL STD 662* standard. ESS goggles have premium ClearZone™ anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.
  • Clear and Smoke Grey lenses are included with all military products. The ICE 2.4™ adds an Amber lens, as well.
  • Corrective lens inserts, tear-off lens covers and Laser Protective Lenses are available.


  • Corrective lens inserts
  • Laser lenses
  • Thermal lenses (Clear, Dark, Amber)
  • Replacement Lenses (Clear, Dark, Amber)
  • Anti-reflective Stealth Sleeves™
  • Tear-off lens covers
  • Pouches

Press Releases

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    Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS) has announced the introduction of the Asian-Fit Goggle Series, which includes the Asian-Fit Profile™ and Asian-Fit Striker™ goggles. Made with molded face foam and a flatter lens curve and frame design, these are the world's first military/tactical goggles

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    Eye Safety Systems, Inc. has introduced the ICE NARO™, a new smaller version of the company's popular ICE 2.4™ ballistic spectacles. The new product is approximately one half of an inch narrower between the temples, with lenses that look at home on smaller male and female faces, but als

  • ESS Awarded Major Singapore Armed Forces Contract

    ESS AWARDED MAJOR SINGAPORE ARMED FORCES CONTRACT The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) awarded Contract No. KP0619-20705 to Eye Safety Systems Inc.(ESS) of Sun Valley, Idaho USA, via their Singapore agent, Ryca Pte Ltd. The exclusive one-year contract with available option year, ann

  • ESS Awarded Major Irish Defence Force Contract

    The Irish Defence Force, which encompasses army, naval service and air corps, awarded 'Contract No. CON/091/2006 Military Eye Protection (MEP)' to Eye Safety Systems Inc. (ESS) of Sun Valley, Idaho USA, via their Irish agent, Daniel Technologies. The three-year contract, announced in De

  • ESS Awarded Second Major UK Contract

    The British Ministry of Defence (Defense Clothing Integrated Project Team) awarded "Contract No. DC3ESL/5185 for the Supply of Protective Eyewear" to Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS) of Sun Valley, Idaho USA, via their UK agent, EPS UK Ltd. The four-year contract, announced

  • Marines Select ESS P-2TM Rx Insert for Prescription Eyewear Users

    The United States Marines Corps is now supplying its service men and women with protective eyewear and corrective lens integration systems from Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS), of Sun Valley, Idaho. The ESS P-2TM Rx Insert is a durable, prescription lens carrier that can be quic

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    Eye Safety Systems, Inc (ESS) has recently introduced an elite military and tactical goggle system, the Profile TurboFan™. The new model integrates the company’s patented TurboFan™ fog elimination technology with the low-profile frame design of the most widely used goggle in the US militar

  • British MOD Awards Large Eyewear Contract to ESS

    The British MOD (Defense Clothing Integrated Project Team [DCIPT]) today announced a large scale contract award for military goggles and eyeshields to Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS) of Sun Valley, Idaho USA, via their UK agent, EPS UK Ltd. The Contract Award Notice cited “technical merit, quality,

  • ESS Receives DOD Authorization for the P-2 Prescription Lens Insert System

    Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS) has released the P-2 TM Rx Insert corrective vision system. The P-2 Rx Insert is designed for integration with the ESS ICE TM series spectacles and the ESS Profile NVG TM series goggles, both of which are listed on the US Army and USMC lists of authorized eye protecti

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