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Military Thermal Batteries

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ASB Group is a specialist in the research, design and manufacture of thermal batteries, and a European market-leader. Due to their inherent technological advantages, our thermal batteries are a factor in the success of all current major aeronautical, space and defence projects across the world. The ASB Group is based in France (ASB), the UK (MSB), the USA (ATB), and India (APS & VAR Electrochem).


Thermal batteries are primary lithium batteries, which are totally inert prior to activation. They are therefore completely maintenance-free over a very long storage-life, and are the only power sources able to operate reliably in very harsh environments.

This includes extremely low and high temperatures (they have a range of more than 100°C), extremes of pressure, EMI, acceleration, etc. Thermal batteries represent ideal power-sources for electronically operated guidance systems in missiles, underwater craft, land, sea and air-defence systems.


Thermal batteries can provide several output voltages from one battery. They are compatible with pulse regime as well as steady load demands. They can easily replace several power-sources with a considerable gain in volume, weight and reliability, becoming the sole source of onboard power to electronics and actuators.

Equipped with custom-designed mechanical features and connection interfaces, ASB thermal batteries power all defence systems where reliability needs to be combined with harsh environments.
Exclusive LAN technology imparts the highest specific power ratio to thermal batteries, to be installed for emergency power supply in aeronautics and main power-supply of modern actuators and TVC systems.
Due to their constructions, thermal batteries are the only energy sources to be compatible with the rigorous mechanical environments demanded by artillery applications.
With its strength in the field of hermetic seals for batteries, ASB has created ASB Hermetics, a glass-to-metal seal business unit.
EPS Emergency Power Source for aircraft.

Able to be custom-designed, with appropriate bracket and connector configurations, thermal batteries are the optimal solution for the supply of power in all ranges of missiles, guided rockets and bomb kits, as well as ejection seats, because of their ability to instantaneously supply electrical power.


The exclusive LAN technology in our products allows a significant gain in volume and imparts the highest specific-power ratio (in W/kg) of thermal batteries. High-voltage batteries (more than 150V) are installed onboard fighter aircraft as emergency-power supplies, reliably providing the requested power after years of storage in operational conditions.

Combined in battery sets, these batteries are also dedicated to actuators and TVC systems. Recent progress has now opened the door to even higher power and longer duration, for instance for underwater and space applications.


The thermal battery is the ideal solution for artillery shells and smart munitions because of its intrinsic qualities, especially robustness with regards to harsh environments and storage conditions. Moreover, a built-in sticker mechanism can allow self activation under launch-acceleration effects.

Recent innovations have allowed the repackaging of the thermal battery to provide all the advantages within a miniaturised volume: by combining innovative manufacturing process and new electro chemistries, a power of 2W is now available in a volume of around 1.5cm³.

Produced in high volumes, the competitive price of this new range of thermal batteries enables them to become ideal solutions to power fuses, safety and arming units, dropped sensors, smart munitions, grenades and other on-board micro-systems.


With its strength in the field of hermetic seals for batteries, ASB has created ASB Hermetics, a glass-to-metal seal business unit. Exclusive technologies, such as low-temperature sealing on aluminium and titanium, and high-performance sealing for high pressure connectors, are now available for aeronautics, optics and high added-value sectors.

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Allée Sainte Hélène
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