Wamore designs and produces complex hardware and software solutions in turn-key engineering, manufacturing and testing to the aerospace and defense community.

Wamore’s has a dedicated team and partners to deliver high-performance and reliable products in aerial delivery hardware and solutions for military, commercial and humanitarian operations worldwide.

Wireless gate release system (WGRS)

WGRS is an innovative new technology for aerial delivery operations that is fully qualified and has been proven under actual combat missions. WGRS is a roll-on/roll-off system that provides a safe, reliable individual or mass release capability for container delivery system (CDS) or any other payload type from any airdrop aircraft. When operating the WGRS, the aircraft loadmaster (LM) is situated forward of all payloads while remotely deploying cargo under complete and safe control at the same time.

Joint precision aerial delivery systems (JPADS)

Wamore’s JPADS units utilize autonomous global positioning system (GPS) guidance, navigation and control systems to fly and land at a designated impact point. Using a gliding ram-air parachute, these systems can land a significant distance from their point of release. This distance keeps the aircrew safe and reduces the vulnerability of the ground troops. The family of systems delivers loads from 200lb to 30,000lb and includes suborbital rocket recovery.

To date, WGRS has delivered well in excess of 5,000,000 million pounds of combat cargo over thousands of releases from C-17, C-130, Caribou, MV-22, helicopters, and other aircraft types.
Wamore has successfully delivered more than 3,000 precision guided parachute systems to the US military and Nato countries. There is not a more reliable combat proven precision guided system available.
A single parachute release can drop payloads of 0lbs to 25,000lbs. By easily bolting two APCRS’s back-to-back, operators can increase the payload capability to 40,000lbs.
Available in two sizes depending on need and aircraft availability: Individual Relief - 20in x 20in x 24in, 90lbs, self-deploying box; and Mass Relief - 48in x 48in x 48in, 600lbs, 'CDS-like container.
Testing off a Skyvan in Eloy, AZ. Wamore’s aerial delivery service offers customers a turnkey solution to testing in an actual airdrop setting.
Wamore offers quick turn prototypes and proof of concept designs using our in-house machine shop and 3D printing capabilities.

Advanced parachute release system (ACPRS)

Wamore’s advanced cargo parachute release system uses an innovative and exclusive methodology for separating a canopy or canopies from their payload only after the payload has been safely delivered to the DZ. The ACPRS advanced sensor suite brings unparalleled reliability lacking in other systems. Simple to operate, ACPRS incorporates standard components, nomenclature and rigging techniques. The US Army has selected ACPRS as the replacement for the existing M1 / M2 parachute release.

Humanitarian relief delivery systems

Wamore’s humanitarian delivery system is an affordable, reliable and rapid method of aerial delivery of relief supplies to victims of disaster without any requisite ground support. Wamore’s method is superior to existing methods of delivery of relief supplies to victims of disaster where transportation infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. Safely deploy directly over or on top of the population without the need to secure a drop zone.

Aerial laboratory and testing

Wamore offers aerial testing and flight services to users that need a low-cost, effective method of testing airdrop hardware and designs in a safe and realistic environment. Wamore will provide an aircraft (up to a C130) and provide support personnel (DZSO, loadmaster and recovery) to conduct aerial delivery experiments and training. In addition to crew, Wamore provides all-inclusive services: prop time, DZ, rigging facility, ramp camera, HD ground cameras, recovery equipment and air-to-ground communications equipment.

Engineering solutions for aerospace and military

Our multi-discipline engineering team can plan, design and manage a broad range of integrated project solutions. With extensive experience in aerospace and military applications our project managers, engineers, designers and systems integrators maintain the highest level of quality and safety standards.

Project management and detailed design and engineering are performed by a diverse group of engineers and project professional. Disciplines and solutions include mechanical, electrical, stress, FEA and software.