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Extreme-rugged GPU Solutions for Military Defense Applications

Neousys Technology is a leading provider of industrial-grade rugged embedded modules and systems for defence industry applications.

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Neousys Technology is a leading provider of industrial-grade rugged embedded modules and systems for defense industry applications.

The company’s solutions offer true wide-temperature operation and are designed to thrive in harsh conditions.

Neousys’ product lines are designed in-house at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Taiwan. With products that span across various vertical applications, Neousys Technology has proven to be one of the leaders in rugged embedded computing.

Neousys has taken the embedded design to the next level with its SEMIL extreme rugged computer, one of the world’s first IP67 waterproof fanless GPU solutions. The system is designed to offer durability and reliability under harsh environmental conditions out on the field especially in military defense applications.

Industry-leading SEMIL and COTS systems for military applications

The name SEMIL is derived from ‘semi-military standards’ and the concept is to aim to fulfill situations where general embedded solutions can no longer meet military defense application or environmental demands. To do so, it must surpass and create products significantly tougher than industrial embedded computers that can survive military volatile conditions while maintaining COTS availability.

SEMIL, One of the World’s First IP67 Waterproof GPU Computers

With specialised molded o-rings and seal around the enclosure, the IP67 waterproof and dustproof certification makes it one of the rare few waterproofed extremely ruggedised embedded systems with NVIDIA Tesla T4 or Quadro P2200 professional-grade graphics cards. (*R.O.C Patent No. I697759; *CN Patent Pending). On top of its waterproof capabilities, the system is enclosed in a stainless steel and aluminum chassis for better corrosion resistance.

SEMIL – True Fanless Wide-temperature Operation with Tesla T4

SEMIL systems with NVIDIA Tesla T4/ Quadro P2200 inference accelerators can operate under 100% load (without CPU/ GPU throttling) up to 62°C. The carefully laid out and thermal-efficient architecture makes it one of the rare few computers to be able to withstand operating temperatures beyond the 50°C mark, under full system load (CPU + GPU) without fans.

(*R.O.C Patent No. I697759; *CN Patent Pending)

Innovative systems for easy installation and deployment

SEMIL systems are available in standard 2U 19” or half-rack specifications for ease of deployment and installation into cabinets. The systems come with uniquely designed brackets that allow them to be mounted into standard 19” cabinets. The systems are also MIL-STD-810G certified for durability, rolling stock EN 50155 certified and can withstand up to 5 Grms vibrations and shock up to 50G.

Cost-effective M12 connectors & SuperCap UPS

In addition to the SEMIL’s ultra-ruggedised enclosure, the system is also equipped with robust M12 connectors. M12 cable solutions feature cost-effectiveness and stronger than most commercial connectivity options on the market today.

The inclusion of a SuperCap UPS (ROC Patent No. I598820) ensures the SEMIL system continues to operate in an event of a power outage. The SuperCap UPS features Neousys patented technology that constantly monitors the system’s power consumption so when a power outage occurs, it will sustain SEMIL to successfully shutdown to protect data and the system hardware.

Industrial controllers and computers for the defence industry

Neousys Technology product lineup also includes a variety of industrial controllers and computers, they include:

  • Extreme-rugged embedded computers
  • Ultra-compact controllers
  • In-vehicle controllers
  • High performance and expandable industrial box PCs
  • Industrial IoT gateways
  • Machine vision controllers
  • Lighting controllers
  • Consumer-grade GPU-aided computers
  • Workstation-grade GPU-aided computers
  • High efficient edge AI computers

All Neousys systems are designed to endure various industrial and harsh environment applications with the following features:

  • True wide-temperature operation, lowest at -40°C, as high as 70°C
  • Patented damping bracket for in-vehicle deployment
  • Patented GPU bracket holder for edge AI platform applications
  • Wide range DC input, 8-48V DC
  • Rolling stock EN 50155 certification for transportation deployment

White Papers

  • Industrial Autonomous Vehicle

    Designed to operate in industrial or hazardous environments, industrial vehicles can be seen in a variety of industries, such as mining, agriculture, military, logistics, utility, etc. Incorporated with reliable embedded computers, the vehicles are capable of data collection, communication, control and video processing for automation applications.

  • The Need for Extreme Rugged Computing

    The embedded computer has always been a mission and purpose-specific hardware to coincide with the software, inside and out down to every single component. To minimize maintenance, it employs a fanless design; to overcome higher than usual temperatures, it would utilize the external chassis for maximum surface-area heat dissipation; to ensure system longevity, it would use wide-temperature and minimize mechanical storage components (such as flash drives in place of mechanical hard drives for higher heat, shock and vibration tolerance).

  • Autonomous Landmine Detection & Marking Vehicle

    According to United Nations and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), there are an estimated 50 million-plus landmines in more than 60 countries that results in 10,000 deaths and 20,000 injuries every year (lan, 2017).

  • IP67 Waterproof Extreme-rugged Embedded Computer and GPU Computer

    With edge AI deployment becoming more popular in recent years, embedded systems deployed at the edge are usually positioned in hazardous environments that we once avoid putting laborers in. They can be hazardous environments such as high chemical content, chemical by-product concentration or atmospheric conditions (corrosion, humidity, salinity, dust, etc.) that may cause significant harm immediately or in the near future.

  • Edge AI GPU Computing Platform

    Based in Taiwan, Neousys Technology is a global leading manufacturer and provider of industrial edge AI GPU computing platforms. As one of the pioneers in industrial GPU computing, Neousys offers industry-leading platforms ranging from volatile environment demanding Tesla/ Quadro in SEMIL systems, mainstream dual/single RTX 30 series graphics card configurations to power-efficient platforms supporting dual Google TPUs to satisfy a variety of edge AI workloads.

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