The Need for Extreme Rugged Computing - Army Technology
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The Need for Extreme Rugged Computing

The embedded computer has always been a mission and purpose-specific hardware to coincide with the software, inside and out down to every single component. To minimize maintenance, it employs a fanless design; to overcome higher than usual temperatures, it would utilize the external chassis for maximum surface-area heat dissipation; to ensure system longevity, it would use wide-temperature and minimize mechanical storage components (such as flash drives in place of mechanical hard drives for higher heat, shock and vibration tolerance).

To be embedded into field solutions, it has been shrunken down in size by using mini-ITX or customized motherboards; to cope with local data computation needs, the embedded computer houses powerful CPUs, the latest DRAM technology for swift data processing. But is this enough for the complex and heavily digitized world we live in today?

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