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Belgium-based FN Herstal has a long history of weapon manufacturing excellence dating back to 1889. The company has always focused on innovation and product improvement, resulting in the design, development, production and marketing of a large number of state-of-the-art weapons and associated products.

This accounts for FN Herstal establishing in the last fifty years a position of worldwide leadership in the small arms markets.

Firearms designed for military and law enforcement use

FN Herstal is known as a premium partner and provides military and law enforcement, as well as Special Forces operators, with a complete product range that includes:

  • Portable firearms such as the Five-seveN ®, FNP and FNS handguns
  • Less lethal devices such as the carbine-size FN 303 or holster-size FN 303 P
  • Optoelectronics including the new FN Fire Control Unit (FN FCU)
  • Integrated weapon systems for airborne applications such as pintle mounted and podded systems
  • Integrated weapon systems for land and sea applications including the new lightweight, compact and highly efficient Medium Vehicle Pintle (MVP)
  • Integrated remote weapon stations including the deFNder Light and the deFNder Medium
  • A full range of small caliber ammunition

The FNS-9 pistol for a short and light trigger pull

The FNS-9 pistol has been developed around a pre-loaded striker mechanism, which provides a short and light trigger pull identical for all shots, ensuring fast and accurate shooting.

Additionally, the polymer frame is designed with a low bore axis for reduced felt recoil and enhanced control.

Each FNS-9 pistol features a manual safety, a trigger safety, a firing pin safety, a drop safety and a slide out-of-battery safety, ensuring maximised security. The pistol comes standard with a number of ergonomic features such as the ultra no-slip checkered grips for an improved grip, front serrations for press check and three interchangeable back-strap inserts for a customised fit. All operating controls are fully ambidextrous.

Highly adaptable modular rifle platforms

More recently, FN Herstal has launched two models of precision rifles, ie FN SCAR ®-H PR and FN SCAR ®-H TPR (T stands for Tactical).

The SCAR ®-L assault rifle and the SCAR ®-H assault rifle are both available with two different barrel lengths optimised for conducting operations in close quarters combat or standard infantry roles. All SCAR ® barrels can be easily interchanged by the operator in just minutes to instantly meet the requirements of virtually any mission.

The FN40GL ® grenade launcher quickly mounts under the barrel of either SCAR ® platform, providing additional capability to the soldier's firepower, and can be used as a stand-alone weapon as well.

More recently, FN Herstal has launched its new SCAR ®-H PR precision rifle.

Commonality of training and components throughout SCAR ® family significantly simplifies, and reduces costs for, operator training and maintenance.

The FN FCU Fire Control Unit for precision targeting

The FN Fire Control Unit (FN FCU) ensures immediate target neutralization in day or night conditions when firing 40mm tube-launched grenades. The FN FCU features an ergonomic and ambidextrous design, and is very easy to use. The FN FCU consists of:

  • Laser range finder (LRF): calculates the distance between the shooter and the target
  • Clinometer: measures the difference in elevation / depression between the target and the shooter
  • Ballistic computer: calculates the angle of launch required
  • Moving red reticle sight: gives the correct aiming point
  • Weapon cant indicator: indicates when weapon realignment is required

Two models are available: the FN FCU-850N and the FN FCU-1.5M. Both offer similar aiming / firing capabilities and benefits with the FN FCU-1.5M featuring a laser range finder undetectable with night vision goggles.

The deFNder Medium for military vehicle defence

The deFNder Medium has been designed to fulfill the force protection mission through fire support and self-defence when mounted onto any vehicle.

The deFNder Medium provides the best ratio depression / elevation range (-42°; +73°) versus height (633mm). The deFNder Medium is the only remote weapon station capable of integrating the exclusive FN Herstal M3P machine gun, which has a unique firing rate of 1,100 rounds per minute.

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