The company’s machine guns have been exported worldwide for decades and have repeatedly proved themselves in combat to earn their position as market leaders in their field.

A number of accessories fully tested and certified by FN Herstal are proposed, in addition to a full range of cartridges.

FN EVOLYS (5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm) ultralight machine gun

The brand new FN EVOLYS Ultralight Machine Gun combines the firing capabilities of a belt-fed machine gun with ergonomics and balance similar to an assault rifle and complements the existing FN machine gun portfolio. The FN EVOLYS has been developed in two calibres, 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm Nato.

The FN EVOLYS 5.56, with a weight of 5.5 kilos and The FN EVOLYS 7.62, with a weight of 6.2 kilos are much lighter than current reference machine guns.

  • Innovative and unique architecture, including patented lateral feed mechanism:
  • A one-piece long top rail enables mounting a combination of various in-line optics such as day and night sights together, or magnifiers for instance, without removing the iron sights.
  • Automatic repositioning of the belt onto the feed tray
  • Automatic last link ejection
  • Reduced weight compared to in-service machine guns
  • Full and semi-auto capabilities
  • Fully ambidextrous
  • Extremely reliable, comfortable and stable
  • Optimized for sustained fire, also with sound suppressor
  • M-LOK receiver
  • FN SmartCore ready

FN MINIMI (5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm) MK3 light machine gunFN-MINIMI-556

The world-famous FN MINIMI Light Machine Guns Mk1 and Mk2 have been adopted by 70 countries worldwide as a standard issue for regular and special forces. The FN MINIMI® Mk3 Light Machine Gun has recently been designed and developed for improved ergonomics and handling.

The FN MINIMI Light Machine Gun is now of 3rd generation and ensures improved ergonomics and improved mobility.

FN Herstal offers a comprehensive and customized upgrade program to adapt the FN MINIMI to new operational conditions. Various conversion kits are available and the modifications can be carried out in customers’ facilities. Some examples of conversion kits are available: handguard/bipod conversion kit, buttstock conversion kit and cocking handle conversion kit and calibre conversion kit.

  • Has proved its reliability in numerous combat situations
  • Improved ergonomics and improved mobility:
  • Adjustable buttstock: 5-position length adjustment and 6-position cheek rest height adjustment, with foldable shoulder rest and integrated hydraulic buffer
  • Bipod integrates with the handguard, even with accessory on lower rail
  • Cocking handle enables cocking with strong or weak hand
  • Feed tray with belt retaining pawls for easy loading with one hand
  • Available with short barrel (349mm) or long barrel (465mm), quickly interchangeable
  • Tactical SB (short barrel, adjustable buttstock with shoulder rest)
  • Tactical LB (long barrel, adjustable buttstock with shoulder rest)
  • SF (short barrel, adjustable buttstock with convex butt plate, without shoulder rest)
  • Para (short barrel, telescopic buttstock)
  • Standard (long barrel, fixed buttstock)
  • Customised upgrade program available for users having an earlier FN MINIMI model in service

FN MAG general-purpose machine gunFN-MAG-3

FN Herstal is the original designer and manufacturer of the FN MAG general-purpose machine gun. The FN MAG has been adopted on all continents. This machine gun is the unbeatable worldwide reference in its category in terms of accuracy and reliability.  It fires from mountings (on vehicles, aircraft, ships and boats, or on tripods) but is also used by troops on the ground.

  • Designed and originally manufactured by FN Herstal
  • Known under various designations, e.g. GPMG, M240, L7A2, FN MAG® 58
  • Fires from mountings (on vehicles, aircraft, ships and boats, or on tripods)
  • Also used by troops on the ground
  • Polymer buttstock, wooden buttstock available
  • MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny type rail (for day/night sighting systems)
  • Quick Change Barrel
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Optional Forward Twin rail assembly
  • Variants: coax- and pintle-mounted to meet a large number of applications (air, land and sea)

FN M2HB-QCB heavy machine gunFN_M2HB_QCB

The FN QCB configuration retains the reliability and effectiveness that have won the M2HB an undisputed reputation as the finest heavy machine gun ever made. The FN M2HB-QCB makes the barrel change procedure faster, easier, and safe.

  • Reliability and effectiveness thanks to the FN QCB configuration
  • Minimal effect on user training and logistics
  • Quick, easy and safe barrel change procedure:
  • by one single individual
  • reduced exposure time to enemy fire
  • no need to check and adjust headspace or timing at user level
  • Can be mounted on the FN M3 tripod to provide accurate and effective fire at long range
  • A full range of ammunition available including the Armor Piercing and Armor Piercing Explosive Incendiary