FN e-novation refers to developments and high-tech solutions that feature the latest electronics and software into small calibre firearms.

These products enhance the dismounted soldier capabilities by providing the maximum advantage of the firearms. FN e-novation solutions are developed and backed up by FN Herstal.

FN FCU MK3 fire control unitFN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit

For optimising first-round hit probability when using a 40mm LV/MV grenade system

FN Herstal’s newly upgraded FN FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit features a high performance optoelectronic aiming system that vastly improves first-round hit probability, night and day. It combines over 15 years of FN experience in the design and manufacture of Fire Control Units with user feedback and the latest generation of integrated electronic modules.

  • Hit first time, on target, night and day
  • No external moving parts
  • Accurate and fast target engagement
  • Automatic adjustment of the reticle
  • Automatic lateral drift compensation
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, easy to use
  • Quickly detachable
  • Quick and easy transition between different types of grenades
  • Compatible with any rifle, grenade launcher or multi-shot grenade launcher
  • Comes standard with specific features to ensure safe training
  • Suitable for extreme conditions (-32°C to +65°C, IP68, water, sand, mud)
  • ITAR-free


This solution is used for increasing hit probability and situational awareness and features an all-in-one laser system for snipers, spotters, precision shooters and machine gunners.

  • User-friendly interface (Oled display and Android App)
  • Ensures increased hit probability with relevant and accurate ballistic correction data thanks to the ballistic solver developed by ApexO (FN Elity is also compliant with full AFS software)
  • Top performance laser range finder designed by Noptel Oy
  • ITAR-free
  • The shooter keeps position while ranging a target
  • Bluetooth technology is available to connect the FN Elity to an Android system or any other accessories such as a weather station
  • Allows the user to register multiple configurations with only one physical zeroing (including multi-calibre weapon)

FN Expert Marksmanship Training SystemFN® EXPERT

The FN Expert Marksmanship Training System provides safe, deployable and easy-to-use marksmanship training for shooters and instructors in the defence sector.

The solution allows shooter training for basic marksmanship training and tactical marksmanship shooting in improvised indoor or outdoor installations. The FN Expert is used with simulated or service weapons by dry firing, blank firing or live-firing. Shooters and instructors have a solution for basic marksmanship training that is simple, safe and effective.

  • Gives shooter and instructor complete feedback on basic marksmanship skills: holding, aiming, breathing, triggering
  • Safe training with duty or instrumented weapon
  • Dry, blank and live-fire training
  • Indoor or outdoor from 5m to 300m
  • Different training modes are possible
  • Basic marksmanship (indoors or outdoors): single target at a known distance
  • Tactical marksmanship: one or more shooters moving and engaging multiple targets at unknown distances
  • The solution is fully deployable in various environments (firing range, police station, gymnasium, ship, etc.)
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Compatible with any rifle, carbine or portable anti-tank weapon
  • ITAR-free

FN SmartCore shot counter

For recording both the number of shots fired and weapons data digitally for armourers and fleet managers working with small calibre firearms

The FN SmartCore is suitable for FN SCAR rifle family, FN SmartCore for FN MINIMI family, FN SmartCore for FN M3M


FN SmartCore for FN SCAR

This battery-free shot counter distinguishes between live firing, blank firing, and dry firing. The unit is integrated into the trigger group of the rifle and generates its own power. The system is transparent to the user. It does not affect the handling or firing of the weapon and does not require any maintenance or any other intervention by the user. The FN SmartCore will not emit any direct form of energy or transmissions that can be detected by an external source.

FN SmartCore for FN MINIMI


This shot counter can distinguish between live firing and blank firing. It also measures the time interval between shots, allowing the calculation of the cyclic rate of fire and effective rate of fire. The FN SmartCore is located inside the pistol grip of the FN MINIMI using a screw system. Power is provided by an internal battery that does not need to be replaced or recharged. The system is transparent to the user. It does not affect the handling or firing of the weapon and does not require any maintenance or any other intervention by the user. The FN SmartCore will not emit any direct form of energy or transmissions that can be detected by an external source.

FN SmartCore for FN M3M

The FN SmartCore measures burst length, the time between bursts, and cyclic rate of fire allowing determination of the effective rate of fire. A battery-powered version of the FN SmartCore is attached to the receiver of the FN M3M .50 Cal machine gun used on land, air and sea pintles.

  • Fully integrates into FN weapons
  • FN SmartCore technology enables collecting real metrics throughout weapon life
  • Discriminates between live and blank firing
  • Measures cyclic and effective firing rates (machine guns)
  • Can be integrated into non-FN weapons
  • ITAR-free



For Identifying weapons and accessories digitally for armourers and fleet managers working with small calibre firearms

The Radio Frequency Identification system is composed of tags and readers. It allows operators to manage the identification of their weapons digitally. Different options can be studied by FN specialists to integrate RFID tags into weapons or accessories. These RFID tags can be integrated into the receiver or into another part of the weapon like the pistol grip.

The FN RFID tag integrates into weapons and accessories combined with dedicated readers

  • Enables digital identification of weapons and accessories
  • Facilitates transfer of items from/into weapons and accessories storage location
  • Facilitates inventory taking of material when associated to FN SAM
  • Tailored to customer’s needs (different readers or tag options)
  • RFID can be integrated into FN SmartCore

FN SAM software

FN SAM Software

For optimizing small arms management in any defence or security organization when combined with FN SmartCore technology for armourers and fleet managers working with small calibre firearms.

FN SAM is a web-based platform providing stakeholders – from the armourer to the weapon fleet manager – with a common fleet management tool. The software records the data transmitted by FN SmartCore shot counters or RFID Tags and displays information on a computer screen. Weapon fleet and accessories data can then be consulted anytime anywhere. Thanks to the web services mechanisms, all data can be shared with any ERP or non-FN shot counters. FN SAM is a scalable solution tailored to the customer’s needs.

  • Complete software solution tailored to the customer’s need
  • Improves operational availability of weapons
  • Reduces life cycle cost through more efficient maintenance and logistics procedures
  • Simplifies and improves data transcription, paper copies or Excel files are no longer required
  • ITAR-free

FN smart armory

Smart armory

Breaking free of paper chains and digitally managing a weapon fleet and its accessories using the FN SAM combined with FN SmartCore and/or RFID technology. A fully integrated solution including all FN small arms management products and support services from FN Herstal specialists

FN Herstal has developed the FN Smart Armory solution combining FN SmartCore shot counter and RFID technology, and powerful FN SAM software. This fully integrated solution helps the user enter the digital era with a global approach. The solution can be tailored to the customer’s need in order to offer the perfect fit for his weapon fleet and accessories management tools.

  • Helps the armourer in his day-to-day management
  • Time-saving
  • Increased availability rate
  • Optimised efficiency for all stakeholders
  • Enhanced security
  • Reduced operation cost
  • Improved safety