The performance of ammunition not only impacts the effectiveness of weapons but also their safety and reliability. As a leading firearms manufacturer and the original designer of the most widely used Nato standard calibres, FN Herstal is uniquely placed to ensure perfect compatibility between firearms and ammunition.

AZURON: A clear path towards less hazardous materials

FN Herstal recently initiated the FN AZURON plan for its ammunition product range. It consists in progressively removing hazardous substances from all FN cartridges.

FN’s objective is to comply with environmental regulations and to meet the growing requirement to safeguarding health and nature

  • FN AZURON primers are free from lead styphnate
  • FN AZURON propellants are free from DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)
  • FN AZURON projectiles are lead-free
  • Compliant with EU and international environmental, health and safety regulations
    Reduced risks related to hazardous materials

19MM Nato cartridges


FN Herstal supplies top quality 9x19mm Nato ammunition to defence and security customers all over the world.

Reliable target effect and weapon functioning with high-quality ammunition for close combat and backup situations, top quality and reliable ammunition is vital for the user’s survival.

Ammunition types

  • Ball
  • Blank

FN EP (duty): controlled expansion monobloc hollow point with plastic tip (for law enforcement/security missions)
FN EPT (training): monobloc hollow point with plastic tip (for law enforcement/security missions)


  • 9mm automatic pistols
  • 9mm submachine guns

12.7X99MM Nato cartridges (.50 cal)12.7X99MM NATO CARTRIDGES (.50 CAL)

FN .50 cal ammunition line now includes a reduced range cartridge

FN Herstal is a major contributor to the 12.7 Nato Standardisation Agreement (STANAG) used for defence missions. The company is the current supplier of the 12.7x99mm calibre Nato reference round. Highly effective at long range with a choice of many different projectiles, including pyrotechnic effects.

Ammunition types

  • M33 (Ball)
  • Tr-M17 (Tracer)
  • AP-M8 (Armor Piercing)
  • AP-T115 (Armor Piercing Tracer)
  • API-M8 (Armor Piercing Incendiary)
  • APIT-M20 (Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer)
  • APEI-169 (Armor Piercing Explosive Incendiary)
  • FN ARIA .50 RR (Reduced Range) – New
  • FN ARIA-T .50 RR-T (Reduced Range Tracer) – New
  • Blank
  • Blank SBFSA (Safe Blank Firing System Ammunition)

The new FN ARIA .50 RR (Reduced Range) is dedicated to safe and effective training with .50 cal weapons on shooting ranges that are limited to the use of 7.62 weapons.