While FN Herstal is renowned for its traditional firearms, the company identified an opening in the market in the early 2000s for a less lethal capability.

FN Herstal has developed a family of impact projectiles aimed at the police and other security forces that would deliver a sufficiently dissuasive level of pain within the impact zone to temporarily neutralise a suspect up to a range of 30 meters, yet minimising the risk of causing a penetrating injury or collateral damage.

Shoulder-fired FN 303 MK2 less-lethal launcher


The FN 303 Less Lethal solution relies on a dedicated launcher (Standard or Tactical) combined with an impact projectile for optimum reliability and safety. Highly modular and compact, the FN 303 Tactical is perfect for interventions at close distance,  in confined spaces. The shoulder-fired FN 303, now Mk2 version, can reach targets with an extreme accuracy up to 30 meters away.


MK2 Standard less-lethal launcher
MK2 Tactical less-lethal launcher

  • Designed for Defense and Security forces
  • Extremely accurate and effective from 0m to 30m
  • High capacity magazine: 15 projectiles
  • Operates using compressed air in a refillable, ergonomic bottle
  • The semi-auto mechanism provides rapid shots
  • No recoil, no noise, no flash, no pyrotechnics
  • Safe to use at very close range
  • Projectiles deliver a sufficiently dissuasive level of pain to gain compliance

A number of accessories fully tested and certified by FN Herstal are proposed with the FN 303 Mk2, as well as a full range of projectiles.

FN 303 Projectiles

The FN 303 projectile has been specifically designed to ensure optimum accuracy with maximum effectiveness and minimum risk.

It delivers a sufficiently dissuasive level of pain within the projectile’s impact zone to disable targets temporarily. Depending on the selected projectile, it can also, in addition to the initial impact, release a washable/indelible paint or a substance with an irritating effect.

  • A full range of FN 303 projectiles available
  • Impact
  • Impact + washable paint
  • Impact + indelible paint
  • Impact + irritating effect
  • Impact (inert powder)
  • All projectiles have the same trajectory and same point of impact