VPT High-Reliability DC-DC Converters and EMI Filters for Military Applications


VPT’s products guarantee genuine military-grade, high-reliability DC-DC converters, electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters, and other power accessories qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and Class K.

VPT offers product lines ideal for applications such as military ground vehicles, weapon systems, unmanned systems and avionics.

With a wide variety of power conversion product offerings, high efficiencies, wide temperature ranges and DLA standard microcircuit drawings (SMDs) for most models, VPT’s power conversion products are suitable for any military specification.

Rugged, high-reliability power DC-DC converters

VPT’s VXR series of rugged, high-reliability DC-DC converters and EMI filters is optimised for a broad range of applications, from military ground vehicles to manned and unmanned aircraft that endure adverse environmental conditions such as severe vibration, shock and temperature cycling.

VPT’s patent-pending epoxy encapsulated V-SHIELD® packaging is also highly resistant to chemical, solvent and salt environments, making it fully compatible with high-volume manufacturing processes such as wave solder, cleaning solvents, high-pressure sprays and aqueous wash.

Avionics and military DC-DC converters

Ranging from 1W-120W and able to withstand temperatures of up to 125°C (no power de-rating necessary), VPT’s DV Series of products are designed to meet rigid military specifications and are 100% hermetic, with a variety of circuit protection features.

The DV series is suitable for both military and avionics applications.

Isolated DC-DC converters for efficient power systems

VPT’s isolated DC-DC converters save weight, heat, and cost to create an efficient power system in addition to their family of non-isolated, synchronous, buck regulated point of load DC-DC converters.

The company’s continual advancements in power conversion technology deliver many unique advantages across its product lines, including:

  • Maximum reliability thick-film hybrid technology
  • Innovative rugged high-reliability architecture
  • Proprietary epoxy encapsulation package availability
  • Full operation over wide temperature ranges
  • High level of EMI performance
  • High-power densities
  • Lightweight design

Screening for rugged environments

Each VPT product line offers several grades of environmental screening.

Depending on the product series selected, tests performed include a non-destructive bond pull, internal visual, temperature cycling, constant acceleration and particle impact noise detection (PIND).

Screenings are also available for stabilisation bake, pre burn-in electrical and burn-in, 100% final electrical, hermeticity, radiography and external visual.

About VPT

VPT has been supplying high-reliability power converters to leading military organisations and programmes for more than two decades.

The company’s products have been included in programmes such as the F-15/16/18/22 and F35, the Watchkeeper unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Blackhawk helicopter, Stryker tank and anti-tank guided missile, next-generation main battle tank, EuroHawk UAV, Apache helicopter, P-1 aircraft and the Tornado Fighter.

VPT’s experience in space solutions includes the International Space Station, Pluto New Horizons, Worldview-3 satellite system, Atlas V, Falcon 9 and ExoMars. All VPT products are MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and Class K certified.

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Press Release

VPT’s SGRB Converter Earns Military Electronic Innovators Awards Highest Honour

VPT Inc, a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE:HEI), today announced that its GaN-based SGRB series of DC-DC converters has earned the Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards Platinum recognition, its highest honour.

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Press Release

13 December 2019

VPT Inc, a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE:HEI), today announced that its GaN-based SGRB series of DC-DC converters has earned the Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards Platinum recognition, its highest honour.

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15 August 2019

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI) has presented VPT with their 2018 Supplier of the Year Award, recognising the company's exceptional performance.

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26 June 2019

VPT has earned a patent, No US 10,321,569, titled “Electronic Module and Method of Making Same” for their V-SHIELD® packaging technology. VPT’s expert power supply innovators engineered V-SHIELD to provide superior operation in even the harshest conditions.

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8 May 2019

VPT Inc, a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE:HEI), has released its SGRB Series of space qualified DC-DC converters at the Satellite 2019 Show, in Washington DC.

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2 May 2019

VPT’s SVCL2800S Series of space qualified inrush current limiters is now DLA qualified after being added to the DLA SMD list, SVCL285R5S and SVCL2811S released on DLA SMD #5962-16216.

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17 April 2019

VPT has added another six DLA-qualified parts for its SVGA, SVFA, and DVFL series of DC-DC converters.

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13 March 2019

VPT Inc has announced the addition of VPT Components, a collaboration formed between VPT Inc and SST Components, a MIL-PRF-19500 JANS certified semiconductor manufacturer.

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27 February 2019

Two more output voltages have been included in VPT’s SVHF Series of space-grade DC-DC converters.

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4 October 2018

At VPT we are constantly developing new and innovative power conversion solutions for use in avionics, military, space, and industrial applications. We are proud to announce that one of our recent breakthrough designs has earned a US patent. This is a testament to the ingenuity and expertise of our engineers who continually push the boundaries of power conversion technology.

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4 October 2018

We appreciate being a member of the engineering community and providing helpful technical resources to other engineers around the world.

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27 September 2018

VPT proudly manufactures power conversion solutions for critical power systems in avionics, military, and space applications. Client feedback praises VPT for having the industry’s best control processes, product reliability, and overall satisfaction. This is a result of many factors that are all bound together with VPT’s proactive quality control programme. Strict adherence to this programme, which involves every stage of product development, enables continuous improvement and superior reliability.

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20 September 2018

We are amid a time of monumental importance for space technology and exploration. In the past few years alone, we’ve seen remarkable first-time accomplishments by both commercial and government space organisations, witnessing the first successful launch and landing of reusable rockets, the very first up-close images of Pluto, and the first launch of an asteroid mining mission. Additionally, vital human health and environmental issues are explored and improved regularly, thanks to the work aboard the International Space Station.

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13 September 2018

As a global leader in power conversion solutions for use in avionics, military, space, and industrial applications, VPT understands the severe environments our products are destined to encounter.

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5 September 2018

L3 Space & Sensors has awarded VPT the Distinguished Supplier Award for Outstanding On-Time Delivery. VPT is one of only three suppliers to receive this award for supplier performance in 2017. The award acknowledges VPT’s commitment to delivering products to customers on time.

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29 August 2018

VPT’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Dan Sable, was one of six Virginia Tech (VT) alumni to be inducted into VT’s College of Engineering Academy of Engineering Excellence last week.

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22 August 2018

VPT’s Vice President of Engineering, Leonard Leslie, presented company and space components updates to attendees at the 47th annual Space Parts Working Group in Torrance, CA. Guests included members from government agencies, prime system contractors and subcontractors, part suppliers, and laboratories.

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14 August 2018

The ninth annual Virginia Tech Global Entrepreneur Challenge began this week as students and recent graduates from universities across the globe present a business model to a panel of judges.

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26 April 2018

VPT (VPT®), a HEICO company, today announced that it has entered an exclusive distributor agreement with Solid State Supplies for VPT’s high-reliability power conversion products in the UK and Irish markets. As a division of Solid State, Solid State Supplies is a highly accredited and experienced distributor for globally recognised electronics OEMs.

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25 October 2017

VPT (VPT®), a HEICO company, today released its single and dual output SVRSA DC-DC converters to further expand its offering of radiation hardened high-reliability space products.

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7 June 2017

VPT, Inc. (VPT®), a HEICO company, today released its dual output VXR series DC-DC converters to augment its offering of advanced, high-reliability, commercial-off-the-shelf COTS) products.

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