vxr series

VPT’s VXR series features a range of rugged and reliable DC-DC converters and EMI filter units.

VXR systems have been optimised for a broad range of applications from military ground vehicles to aircraft, and are able to endure adverse environmental conditions such as severe vibration, shock, and temperature cycling.

The VXR series is available in both single and dual output configurations from 7W to 100W, and feature VPT’s patent-pending epoxy encapsulated V-SHIELD® packaging.

V-SHIELD® packaging makes the VXR series of products highly resistant to chemical, solvent, and salt-heavy environments, and the systems are fully compatible with high-volume manufacturing processes.

VXR Series products

Front End Modules: EMI Filters 2A-20A options

Isolated DC-DC Converters: 7W-100W options