IXTROM Situational Awareness and Information Management Systems for any type of Operation

IXTROM Group specialises in the design and development of innovative technological solutions for situational awareness command and control systems (C4ISR), massive communications, advance modelling and simulations (M&S), and smart solutions for efficient information management and effective decision-making processes.

The company’s web-based solutions are designed to address day-to-day event, incident and risk management, as well as natural and man-made disasters of any magnitude. We implement state-of-the-art technologies to allow secured interoperability, cross-agency collaboration, and real-time interconnectivity between responders.

IXTROM has worked with organisations across the world to reduce threats and to contribute to safety and security for over a decade, establishing a reputation as an industry leader in situational awareness and information management systems.

Strategic operational systems for military missions

We recognise that overall mission and operational effectiveness is increasingly dependent on systems with greater capabilities. It is vital that these capabilities align with the critical needs of the organisations using them. Our goal is to produce the most strategic and tactically effective system possible to ensure our clients achieve mission success.

Our solutions adopt a unique framework to empower users to communicate with key officials and coordinate efforts and resources. They also enable users to prepare for, respond to, and recover from any event, providing real-time situational awareness and a common operating picture (COP) driven by an intelligent core of operational and tactical management.

Fully integrated response system for C4ISR

The IXTROM platform offers an advanced operational and tactical response system designed to meet the demanding requirements of today, while also increasing adaptability, scalability and flexibility for the future. It features a wide range of unique capabilities, and brings greater reliability, efficiency and performance with lower operational and maintenance costs.

IXTROM is currently redefining the way organisations prepare for uncommon threats through a comprehensive resource management system and collaborative tools. These features, along with their all-inclusive comprehensive analytical reports, assignments and supporting materials, help to boost mission efficiency and overall response time when it matters.

Platforms to enhance security interoperability and communication

Our technology creates seamless interoperability for groups and missions at various levels, even when they are operating with independent information systems that require unique regulatory solutions. It also includes collaboration and communication systems, interactive and visual GIS software, as well as intelligent information gathering control facilities.

IXTROM focuses on effective collaboration by securely sharing information with encryption, permissions and restrictions. Our innovative solutions successfully connect participants while keeping their own rights, roles and authorities in accordance with the hierarchical chain of their organisation. The solutions enable real-time strategic and tactical communication bonds and securely transfers information between all participants to increase operational effectiveness.

Software for all defence IT structures and engineering needs

We take a holistic approach to building technologies that work together with other data and technical environments. Our solutions have the ability to operate effectively regardless of the existing IT structures and we work diligently to support our clients in getting the best value-for-money when it comes to decision-making.

Our solutions incorporate cutting-edge technological developments to meet the most demanding client requirements. This includes advanced imaging technology, cryptographic module and special operations, consultation services, as well as programmable objective, network platform and embedded key encryption solutions.

IXTROM’s services also extend to wiring and material components, service-oriented architecture and project and change management. We implement systems into complex environments and, however big the challenge may be, we will go above and beyond to help our clients to succeed. Together we can identify, plan for, and overcome any challenge.

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Press Release

Evolving Battlespace Triggers Innovations in Military Training

Despite the cost savings associated with simulated training environments, current solutions are time-consuming to prepare and cumbersome to modify.

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Innovative C4ISR Solutions to Support a Rapid Response to Threats

Today’s overall mission and operational effectiveness is increasingly dependent upon systems with greater capabilities. At IXTROM, our goal is to produce the most strategic, tactically effective, and highest value operational system possible so our clients can achieve mission success time and time again.



Products and Services

COVENKO: Project Management and Dynamic Collaboration System

COVENKO provides intelligent collaborative tools that enhance an organisation’s productivity and strengthen quality assurance while vastly improving project, task and resource performance.

IXBCRP: Business Continuity and Resumption Plan Awareness System

IXBCRP is an innovative, web-based solution designed to support emergency responders and facilitate business continuity and resumption plan development to minimise operational disruptions.

IXCIP3: Critical Infrastructure Protection and Maintenance System

IXCIP3 is a multi-disciplinary web-based solution designed to perform inspections and preventive maintenance activities.

IXGMAS: Global Massive Alert and Awareness Multi-Mode System

IXGMAS is web-based, multiplatform system designed for real-time, fast, reliable and secure communication.

IXINMAC2: Incident Management Command, Control and Awareness System

IXINMAC2 is a multidisciplinary incident management command and control (C2) web-based system, empowering the commanders of military forces with battlefield information superiority.

IXITC3: Intelligent Transport, Control, and Context Awareness System

IXITC3 is a state-of-the-art solution for transportation and logistics management system allowing shippers and 3PL to have a true 360° view of their carriers’ purchase orders in real time.

IXMC2C: Mission Management, Dynamic Modelling and Simulation System

IXM2C2 is a large-scale, integrated C4ISR system that provides guidance, standards and intelligence tools enhancing the digitation of a dynamic incident command system (ICS), the implementation of incident action plans (IAP), procedures, protocols, warnin, and notifications.

IXVMS: Intelligence, Visualisation, Modelling and Simulation System

IXVMS is a state-of-the-art web-based modelling and simulation system for mission-specific and joint exercises, specifically designed to modernise the way today’s military forces prepare for the dynamic challenges of modern battlespace.

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4 April 2019

IXTROM has launched IXVMS (Visualisation, Modelling and Simulation Collective Training Management and Awareness System), a game-changing, next-generation training and simulation solution that prepares soldiers for the challenges of modern warfare.

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28 March 2019

Despite the cost savings associated with simulated training environments, current solutions are time-consuming to prepare and cumbersome to modify.

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22 March 2019

IXTROM has been featured in Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for Crisis / Emergency Management Platforms.

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