IXM2C2 is a large-scale, integrated C4ISR system that provides guidance, standards and intelligence tools enhancing the digitation of a dynamic incident command system (ICS), the implementation of incident action plans (IAP), procedures, protocols, warnin, and notifications.

The solution ensures that commanders and their teams are equipped with the finest solution to exercise Command and Control (C2), manage critical missions, and support operations at every level. It enables the sharing, processing, tracking, and monitoring of vital information flow in order to successfully complete the most demanding missions.

Information Superiority

Armed Forces have a high requirement for effective information sharing, traceability, interoperability, and comprehensive control of resources. They need to determine the best techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) possible to be effective on the battlefield and other operational settings. Highly skilled teams with full preparedness need to be established in order to handle events, emergencies, and missions with vastly different objectives and requirements. Information superiority is key to commanders and decision makers during operations and missions to ensure battlespace effectiveness.

Data security is also of utmost importance with a need for the protection of classified data, while having the freedom to exchange information in a secure manner. Information must only be distributed and available to specific individuals or teams while inaccessible to all others.

IXM2C2 delivers uninterrupted communications, intelligent information sharing capabilities, and advanced interoperability support with the highest intercommunication methods available. The solution fulfills the growing need for reliable information, supported collaboration efforts, and highly trained personnel that is ready for immediate action.

Built-in Framework

 IXM2C2 is built into an all-encompassing, unique and advanced multidisciplinary framework providing real-time information management, Situational Awareness and a common operating picture (COP).

The robust framework allows for centralised or decentralised management of resources and information, supports applications with various capabilities, and generates interconnectivity and interoperability for C2/C4ISR requirements with the capability of being controlled through connected mobile devices. They support every facet of operations from beginning to end and not only can they support the operational planning process, the development, and validation of standards, methods and procedures, but they can also efficiently support the execution of the various phases of operations.

Mission Driven System

IXM2C2 is a mission-driven system that empowers users with the tools to respond according to the level of alert and magnitude of a crisis. Powerful planning capabilities support each phase of operations, allowing information to be amassed, filtered and securely disseminated, and enhancing intercommunication between responders and enforcement teams in real-time. Decision-makers leverage comprehensive tools making critical decisions in reduced time periods while utilising dependable, up-to-date information.

The system supports tactical management to implement strategies, assign resources, carry out plans and monitor performance while enhancing coordination and centralising timely and pertinent information. IXM2C2 fully supports the planning, preparation, execution and evaluation of operations with cutting-edge command and control tools.

The solution is engineered for cost-effective deployment and sustainment through a wide variety of advanced management and technology services that assists defence and security agencies (military forces) and law enforcement organisation (for example, protective services and fire services) in obtaining, organising and distributing real-time accurate information, to the right people, at the right time.