IXBCRP is an innovative, web-based solution designed to support emergency responders and facilitate business continuity and resumption plan development to minimise operational disruptions.

The technology focuses on critical business functions, risks assessment, contingency plans and recovery plans to protect human and critical infrastructure and return to a full operational status in real time.

IXBCRP provides responders with the necessary tools to comply with the organisation’s standards, protocols, and procedures. It aligns roles and responsibilities in their respective area, ensuring the appropriate people are assigned to the most suitable roles to perform the right activities based on information in real-time. Having the correct resources helps to improve operational capacity and the effective resolution of undertakings.

IXBCRP smart dashboards allow responders to see key safety performance indicators and metrics at a glance enabling quickly and accurately decision-making based on real-time information, overcoming the challenge of taking actions depending on how the threat unfolds and what responsibilities must be taken in a crisis.

Intelligent threats and vulnerability assessment

The solution is in direct synchronisation with management and resources to ensure the organisation’s priorities are met and the environment is restored rapidly and effectively. Streamline the aggregation and correlation of asset, threat, and vulnerabilities. Gain better visibility into your organisation’s risk posture with advanced risk scoring algorithms that provide business context and asset criticality. IXBCRP is an integrated, data-driven platform that provides the most effective method of prioritising and remediating the vulnerabilities and exposures that represent the greatest risk to your business.

IXBCRP makes an analysis of the critical assets’ vulnerabilities through a threat and risk assessment system, determining the level of risk associated with potential events to specific assets. Once those assets have been identified, the technology prioritises a set of measures to be taken according to the organisation’s business rules, procedures and protocols in order to reduce those risks.

The solution allows the tracking and analysing of incidents, corrective actions, inspections, hazards, perform threat assessments, events planning and methodologies to prepare for and recover from all types of events independently of their magnitude. IXBCRP’s resilient capabilities deliver flawless interoperability among all stakeholders on what actions are required to recover and restore business operations rapidly and effectively.

The technology is an intelligent cross-platform, multi-location, multi-event and multi-agency solution interacting with multi-users and operating in complex 24/7/365 environments. It is easy to use and provides a unique secured framework to collect and disseminate real-time information.

Interoperability in real-time

IXBCRP enables users to automatically send alerts to inform contacts or groups about inspections, activities, daily maintenance operations, special events, incidents, risks, incident severity, actions to be taken by specific operators, protocols to be followed, and more, all while operating in real time. As a result, users have optimal information situational awareness and can make decisions more accurately as the event unfolds.

The technology operates through a state-of-the-art multi-platform system enabling users to set up restrictions according to their roles and responsibilities. Stakeholders, regardless of the geographic or functional authority, can manage a spectrum of events and assets, while establishing a common set of operational objectives and records that may be referenced and updated when required from both the owner and reviewer end.

Role and Permissions Based Security

Administrators have the ability to determine who can create, read, update or delete anything within the entire system, having overall control while restrictions to users are applied at various levels. Traceability of operations is kept at all times with details logs of every action made or in process.

The solution weighs the potential repercussions of risks through a robust information-sharing web-based solution to further implement protective actions, establish a rapid response and provide continuity of operations at all times. The technology supports emergency responders to determine the appropriate course of action depending on the severity of the situation, providing them with real-time intelligence delivered by a resilience management system.

IXBCRP offers a turnkey solution from beginning to end, enabling interoperability and operating in different geographical locations while leveraging situational awareness through a common operating picture (COP). It creates solid lines of communications, chain of command and operational management among responders during planning and recovery operations.