COVENKO enables advanced business intelligence through a web-based system that brings military forces to a higher level. The systems makes it easier to manage projects and mission by maximising human talents to address the unique needs of each team.

Advanced data management fosters combine planning, organisation and the unification of tasks with an innovative algorithm designed to optimise the management of mission and projects. COVENKO greatly contributes to accelerating the decision-making processes as the system supports users when and where it is most needed with reliable, accurate and timely information.

COVENKO promotes agile workflows and flowcharts with task assignments and project status updating in real time. Team response time is reduced, and organisations achieves optimal operational performance.

The solution support management to easily monitor and analyse key information for smarter business decisions while working in complex environment, with multiple missions and a variety of different operations, projects and resources concurrently.

It also provides a built in platform to manage, update and track all types of tasks, forms, protocols, procedures and related documents, so that you have all information into a single-hub.

Effectively manage your teams and projects

COVENKO is an innovative, web-based system focused on project management, tasks assignment and real-time team collaboration. The solution enables optimal interaction by connecting remote teams to maximise an intelligent collaboration process.

The state-of-the-art solution maximises user collaboration while helping avoid duplicated efforts. Real-time relevant information is available for assertive decision-making, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Organise your tasks according to your project priorities, business goals, categories and departments, get a real time overview of what’s done, what’s in progress and what has been accomplished in one single view.

Collaboration is the key – connect remote teams

The system’s innovative technology centers around the effective management and interrelation of data from multiple sources (protocols, procedures, working instructions and information sharing processes) and levels converging in a centralized core that links, shares and distributes information according to the roles assigns and organizational guidelines.

COVENKO enables accurate performance assessment and ensures the successful accomplishment of tasks, projects and objectives while reducing operative costs and associated risks. The COVENKO greatly contributes to accelerating decision-making processes as the system supports users when and where it is most needed with reliable, accurate and timely information.

Optimal Performance

COVENKO’s capabilities improves the operational efficiency of organisations by allowing a better use of resources, accurate project assessment, effective task and resource assignment, and faster deployment of teams through simplified management processes and factual validation or real-time performance.

Team leaders can manage who is doing what, where, when and for how long from a unique platform that provides the most up-to-date information. User-friendly interactive dashboards display a clear view of every action. The system creates and maintains the highest form of situational awareness during projects, tasks operations and exercises, adapting to dynamic environments where procedures and actions may need to be changed rapidly. The response time is reduced, teams work more cohesively and optimal operational efficiency is achieved.

COVENKO is a major contributor to collaborate efficiently, gathering everything you need to be effective and accomplish more: information, schedule, protocols, procedures, assignments and related documents to manage all type of projects and missions.

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