IXITC3 is a state-of-the-art solution for transportation and logistics management system allowing shippers and 3PL to have a true 360° view of their carriers’ purchase orders in real time.

Your teams expect on-time delivery, quick turnarounds, accurate billing, and information integration, while you have to deal with challenges like rising fuel costs, fewer drivers and a run-packed schedule. With IXITC3, you will be sure to keep your service competitive and to deliver significant value in every way.

Intelligence Streamline Processes and Digitate Paperwork

Is your company struggling with disparate operations systems in asset and non-asset-based business units?

IXITC3 is a comprehensive and integrated system that is web-based and cross-platform. It allows 3LP to streamline processes and paperwork and to unify information and efforts, bringing more accurate execution and improved profitability.

The solution lets you decide through which established communication channel (Web, e-mail, fax, voice or EDI), you want to interact with your partners. The system also offers complete traceability of all types of events for future review.

With IXITC3, whether you are a logistics services provider or a broker, it is easy to manage purchase orders entry, routes, rates, on-boarding process, shipment traceability, client invoicing, carrier settlements, customs documents, logistics analytics, and more. All of this can be done from one centralised hub, in real time, 24 hours a day.

Hold the Key

Some of the key benefits of the IXITC3 include:

  • Have complete visibility of the shipments
  • Receive transportation analytics
  • Track shipments and optimise loads
  • Improve carrier satisfaction and retention
  • Boost profitability and make billing easier
  • Accurate data, easy-to-use
  • Fast and accurate verifications of all shipments

IXITC3 gives you a single screen order entry, a visual operational awareness in real time providing a user-friendly, global view of all routes.

Our secure and reliable tracking software also allows users to communicate intelligently with any party. With IXITC3, you can provide real-time information adapted to your customers.

Our integrated approach is geared towards facilitating worldwide collaboration and meeting your growing business requirements for a long-term partnership. A unique global framework solution specially designed to provide teams with unprecedented levels of control and flexibility in their ongoing quest to attract and trace all shipments and human resources.

Empower employees with easy access to information that makes their jobs easier and helps with the flow of information throughout our entire company. Gain recognition for superior customer service. Using smart filters, select your preferred carriers, based on the best rates, on-time performance or even truck locations.

Target them with load offers via web, e-mail, SMS, voice or fax. Allows you to quickly plan hundreds of shipments across your customers into the optimal combination of consolidated loads, continuous moves, pooled shipments, and backhauls.

Main Functionalities

Some of the key functionalities of the IXITC3 include:

  • Order entry and cloning
  • Visual dispatch
  • Rating and invoicing
  • Quotes and settlements
  • Maintenance
  • Reporting in real time
  • Roles and permissions
  • Links with CRM
  • Document and carrier management (Insurance, Permits, Safety)
  • Planning and tracking
  • Purchase orders
  • Fleet Management
  • Goals and objectives
  • Integration with load link and mile makers