IXVMS is a state-of-the-art web-based modelling and simulation system for mission-specific and joint exercises, specifically designed to modernise the way today’s military forces prepare for the dynamic challenges of modern battlespace.

The next-generation multifunctional technology provides an intuitive and streamline approach to operational information management and the development of concepts, training, tactical and strategical objectives for exercise planning and execution. The cutting-edge technology supports military forces to develop and conduct collaborative and collective exercises, while focusing in a structured and comprehensive approach to digitisation methods, fostering situational awareness and information management in real time, providing cohesive collaboration in a fully-integrated solution.

Fully Integrated C4ISR

IXVMS is a fully integrated C4ISR mission and incident modelling and simulation system allowing military forces to quickly create complex immersive scenarios, manage and modify them, and generate a common set of objectives in a single incident action plan. Integrated C2 tools allow participants to train with the same real-life solution supporting the cognitive-behavioral aspects of real-time mission manoeuvre. In this way, new skills become second nature, resulting in highly prepared teams that react faster and more efficiently during complex operations.

The next-generation system is a computer-based training, simulation and courseware system enabling interoperability for troops, at the unit and team level, enabling command & control (C2) capabilities for intra and inter-force command staff training, providing security of data shared in networked simulation training employed not only on military operations scenarios but also nationally to ensure homeland security and manage of sensitive missions. As a result, the system improves and facilitates readiness of military forces in conventional and unconventional ground conflict or risk scenarios, dealing with all possible scenarios in a time-efficient manner while under intense pressure.

Training Proficient and Cost Effectiveness

The process of developing, executing and evaluating collective training can be time-consuming and costly for any institution. Training and repetition are vital for the development of new skills. Military forces must continuously learn and practice new abilities. as the more often they can train and learn from new goals and objectives, the more prepared and proficient they will be when called upon.

IXVMS correlates definitions, models, MEL/MIL injects, goals, taxonomies, symbols, pictures, documents, status of injects actions, global positioning, a common operating picture, and different methods of communication for the development of training and continuous execution flow.

The solution organises events within the training scenario to ensure that desired goals are addressed, tested and observed. Training objectives are synchronised with, and supported by, a clearly defined set of objectives and MEL/MIL injects enhancing the exercise Command staff’s ability to monitor the exercise and to ensure they fit the scenario development and overall objectives.

Interoperability, Communication and Coordination

Real-time, uninterrupted communication amongst all military units is more critical today than ever before. IXVMS innovative technology delivers seamless interoperability and effective communications that foments dynamic collaborations and total unity of effort among military forces during training exercises for flawless real-life mission execution.

IXVMS delivers its powerful capabilities using a holistic approach for convenient and secure access to data while enhancing interoperability and dynamic collaboration of participants according to their role and level of security access. Real-time information is available and coupled with communication means into one integrated solution that delivers total exercise control.

Seamless interoperability is stablished for total unity of effort eliminating errors, unwanted and disconnected actions and lack of dynamic collaboration. Additional powerful features ensure that resources, communications, and actions are tracked in real-time to guarantee optimal efficiency, the cohesion of actions and total preparedness.

IXVMS offers flexible and adaptable means for any sized organisation to ensure the maximisation of resources, the optimisation of information management processes, including data compilation and reporting; for fast analysis and lesson-learned derivation. The quick and efficient validation of the learning outcomes ensures maximal mission preparation and lower safety risk.

The result is highly specialised and prepared teams, effective leadership and dynamic multi-agency collaboration.

Comprehensive Digitisation – Data and Document Management

IXVMS role’s based permission framework allows secure access to data and effective sharing of critical information during complex multi-level operations. Each participating agency and their staff maintain their own jurisdictional rights, security level, and responsibilities according to the established command structure while dynamically collaborating in achieving mission objectives.

The digitation and correlation of exercises’ documents and multimedia resources are constantly interacting with training participant according to their role. Total traceability of all actions and communications guarantees transparent post-mission analysis and quick lessons learn determination.

In an operational setting, the IXVMS correlates definitions, models, MEL/MIL injects, goals, taxonomies, symbols, pictures, documents, status of injects actions, global positioning, a Common Operating Picture (COP), and different methods of communication for the development of training and continuous execution flow.

Users are empowered to easily create, manage, and optimise processes and procedures deriving lessons learned and best practices through the analysis of every aspect of each event. Therefore, exercise objectives are achieved promptly and effectively.

Scalability for Coalition or Single Unit Command

IXVMS is a mission-driven system, supporting tactical management to implement strategies, assign resources, carry out plans, and monitor performance during exercises. It facilitates combined and/or joint operations with various groups and organisations from multiple domains of land, maritime, air, cyber, civilians and others, while simultaneously providing modularity, adaptability, scalability, resiliency, flexibility, performance, standardisation and rationality.

IXVMS empowers the chain of command and operational teams with the reliability they need from a single all-encompassing information system hub to make the critical decision that makes successful missions and guarantee optimal efficiency and preparedness.