IXINMAC2 is a multidisciplinary incident management command and control (C2) web-based system, empowering the commanders of military forces with battlefield information superiority.

IXINMAC2’s unique multidisciplinary framework, architectural components and algorithms provides the advanced tools to assess vulnerabilities to asymmetric threats such as terrorism to encourage investment in new, non-traditional defensive and offensive capabilities, prioritising actions and objectives according to the level of alert and magnitude of the event, to prepare for, respond to and recover from any type of incident.

The next-generation system provides the intelligence, operational collaboration, and information sharing capabilities required while taking into account the myriad of the complex factors behind military operations, critical infrastructure vulnerabilities, human and material tracking, and complete traceability of all operations.

Interoperability and Collaboration

IXINMAC2 is a tactical, operational and geospatial platform that offers a real-time common operating picture (COP) of all events as they unfold.

The solution provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to incident management, including the command and coordination of incidents, resource management, information management and situational awareness in real-time. Following principles of flexibility, standardisatio, and unity of effort, the solution securely shares information according to the mission, role, and responsibility of each resource involved and linking together emergency operational centres (EOC) and Defense Forces on a regional, national and worldwide level.

The system is able to work across multiple platforms while respecting different geographic and functional authorities for every entity, department, group, mission or individual preserving their own rights and restrictions during all operational phases. The next-generation system establishes interoperability among participants by sharing real time disseminated information to the right person at the right moment.

The solution establishes and maintains a unified and coordinated operational structure and process, providing secure information sharing with different organisations. IXINMAC2 is capable of identifying, prioritising, and assigning resources across all hazards and lead-different agencies and authorities according to their level of command structures, incident action plans, communication capabilities and defined protocols to integrate all appropriate stakeholders.

Designed for Mission Success

IXINMAC2 state-of-the-art-system is a multifunctional platform that monitors, integrates, and analyses relevant elements of data and information involving different methods and complex algorithms at the intersection of artificial intelligence, statistics and data mining.  Altogether, according to the type of hazard and level of alert, enabling communication to all entities and other stakeholders during daily operations, as well as major incidents.

The state-of-the-art system can be used across different domains, including airborne, land, and maritime, as well as medical, cultural and environment, in order to bring incident management to a larger audience to perform communications and coordinating incident action plans (IAP) with multiple participants.

IXINMAC2 takes advantage from a modular architecture to support the most common taxonomies reflecting international military coalition’s needs. IXINMAC2 data model successfully support these specific type of taxonomies, while accessing precise information, according to the areas of intervention and level permissions.

The solution equips the operational forces of today and tomorrow with a next generation technology that contributes to the quality of decision-making processes while also facilitating the mobilisation of resources and ultimate mission success.

Advanced Multifunctional C2 System

The IXINMAC2 is a real-time multifunctional cross platform innovative system, which provides fast and easy access to critical data. Its command and control (C2) capabilities empowers commanders, operators and responders to handle multiple events, connect multiple entities, and provide multilayered in-depth information, contributing to efficient decision-making processes.

The system comes with a plug and play capability providing an advanced technology to modernise and re-equip military forces. The cutting-edge technology is a web-based system, highly secured and all-inclusive framework supports complex environments for military, protection or emergency type operations.

IXINMAC2 technology is scalable, flexible, adaptable, modular and resilient to meet the needs of each organisation. Commanders can leverage from seamless multi-agency interoperability, enabling the tracking and management of all resources and providing military forces with the most accurate information available for complete situational awareness.

Valuable and critical assets are protected, teams and resources are easily mobilised, military units are kept safe and mission efficiency is improved.