IXCIP3 is a multi-disciplinary web-based solution designed to perform inspections and preventive maintenance activities. The system is cutting-edge software focussed on the processes, analytic solutions an methodologies that help organisations during the processes of following standards and procedures, while supporting operations to track and manage service requests, work orders, inspections, preventive maintenance, surveys, inventory of resources, financials and budgeting; bringing efficiency and cost savings to any size of organisation.

The solution supports multi-location, multi-event and multi-agency operations to access and manage different agencies, multiple buildings, areas, assets, and equipment with their complete history and budgeting for updates, maintenance and upgrades.

IXCIP3 information distribution technology is role-based allowing participants to share significant information and interoperate with other partners and organisations. The system is designed for maximum flexibility, adaptability, scalability, and modularity, allowing it to grow and evolve to address operational and organisational needs and changes.

Intelligent asset lifecycle management 

IXCIP3 is easy to use to operate, supporting preventive maintenance and inspections on a day-to-day or annual basis. This multi-disciplinary software focuses on procedures, analytic solutions, and methodologies that help organisations during the full asset lifecycle management by offering highly usable tools for reliability-centred maintenance (RCM), preventive maintenance, workforce management, capital project management, overall equipment efficiency and mobility. Supporting functionality includes document management, maintenance inventory, contract management, and finance. IXCIP3 delivers all the tools to maximise the productivity of capital assets.

Corrective and preventive actions in real-time

Operators can follow in real-time, the registration process – going through inspections, evaluations, recommendations, and assigning appropriate corrective and preventative action to the infrastructure’s owner in order to adhere to pre-established standards set by the organisation. Each inspection and maintenance related tasks are assigned to specific team members, department, etc., following a pre-defined customisable workflow plan.

Smart dashboards display live real-time updates on operation status. Automatic alerts and notifications keeps everyone involved with the most up-to-date information for a complete and global view of all operations.

Key performance indicators

Automatically generate and schedule maintenance work orders, setup inspections and review assets status of all type of equipment and properties.

The system support operators to digitally create maintenance and procedures for different types of assets and equipment according to their own characteristics, location, risk and financial value, for various short term and long term recurring plans.

Keep track of your key performance indicators and instantly access them in easy to view and understand graphics using the system’s digital dashboards. Find out how many requests have been made over a period of time, how many are outstanding, overdue, in paused, closed or completed.

Create corrective and preventive work orders instantly and track labor work, cost, parts and execution of work order in real time. Charge back or invoice as needed.

IXCIP3 also provides a centralised database for documents and work orders allowing the attachment of documents to any items as well as serving as a repository for reference library of equipment manuals and procedures.

Powerful search capabilities allows for quick and effective data exploration of complete history of asset maintenance. The solution provides complete administration of maintenance contracts correlating corrective or preventive work orders to one or more contracts with just a few clicks. Generate invoice for work performed and parts used.

Traceability of all actions

IXCIP3 enables operators to set up restrictions as per their roles and responsibilities. It allows all internal divisions or external participants with different geographic or functional authority to manage a spectrum of events and assets, while establishing a common set of operations and records that may be referenced and updated when required from both the owner and reviewer end.

The traceability module records historical data on each user access and transactions. The log identifies the action, person, timestamp, location, quantities and information that was accessed or modified during the transaction, as well as enabling inspectors and operators to cover specific areas which requires a 100% record of all actions performed.

All entries and edits of maintenance and inspections are time stamped and the inspector responsible is advised of the status.

IXCIP3 provides full traceability of operations and the ability to capture unlimited amount of attachments, add pictures, comments, and modifications along with the inspection, registration or maintenance activities.

Custom reports are easily made, with no programming knowledge required.

The solution enables participants to perform preventive maintenance, inspections and risk mitigation, while supporting your organisation to ensure that they received the best way of managing all types of assets effectively.