IXGMAS is web-based, multiplatform system designed for real-time, fast, reliable and secure communication. It delivers direct first-line essential strategic support to commanders and their teams by allowing massive well-structured communication capabilities to perform any type of mission.

IXGMAS is an innovative, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) communication platform providing an intelligence interactive voice response (IVR) system with advanced customisation for massive message distribution. IXGMAS excels under extreme critical conditions supporting communication efforts of any kind with complete traceability of all actions.

With an easy-to-use interphase that presents an intuitive workflow of actions, communications and alert notifications are configured in a single click representing a flexible, adaptable and scalable solution that accommodates the needs of any organisation.

Multimode – Centralised or Decentralised Configuration

IXGMAS allows incoming and outgoing calls in a decentralised or centralised mode according to the configuration desired by the organisation. Communications are redirected in real-time to the location designated by the system’s administrator, including external locations that are not included in the central system.

  • Multi-user, multi-agency, multi-event, multi-location
  • Alert and mobilisation
  • Mass alert messages via phone, fax, email, SMS, pager, social media, and RF
  • Distance calculation
  • Message recording
  • Mapping support for multiple formats
  • Advanced alert management
  • Setup of predefined messages or predefined types of events
  • Contact, group and mission support
  • Complete traceability of all data (encrypted if needed)
  • Real-time dashboards report availability (completed calls, abandoned calls, live calls, line status, and more)
  • Complete visualisation of mass alert results
  • Role-based functionality access restrictions
  • Enhanced intercommunication

Messages are categorised according to user specifications to target specific groups and missions based on role, location, and responsibility. All this through an innovative and secure platform, which controls the permissions and restrictions of users according to the chain of command of the organisational hierarchy.

IXGMAS allows the user to schedule the sending of messages related to daily events or activities, to record all messages and responses in real time, to trace all the messages executed and thereby learn new practices and lessons from past events.

Geolocation – Mass Alert and Communication System

When an alert is sent, the system determines the response from the recipients depending upon their response, location and status. The responder’s action can be active (take an action) or passive (take no action) and in either case, IXGMAS will react according to the communications workflow and protocols established by the system administrator. All actions are stored and all communications recorded providing military forces with a reliable picture of staff accountability in all type of mission or training exercises.

Alerts are broadcasted across the network as text messages (e-mail, page, SMS, fax) or as live or deferred voice messages (telephone, radio, satellite communication). IXGMAS can interconnect with various systems such as speakers, sirens, and phones networks, providing maximum integration capabilities.

The solution allows users to select or draw zones directly on a map to immediately communicate with a variety of responders, operators or any population present in the zone enabling them to inform these people of any ongoing or scheduled operation, mission, situation or incident.

IXGMAS is a versatile system that can be customized with specific parameters and details as desired by the organisation. The system is designed to automatically communicate with teams, partners and other participants in order to achieve pre-established or ‘on-the-fly’ automated messages.

The solution can be used to communicate with any size of groups and team during a major mission, incident, natural disasters or man-made emergencies. In a few minutes, alerts can reach all stakeholders to warn them or to instruct them instantly the actions to take according to the level of alert.

Easy and Efficient Response – Anytime, Anywhere

The IXGMAS system is a high-standard solution that integrates the benefits of real-time information with reliable, robust and secure text-to-speech communication, creating a new paradigm with the integration of a massive first-class reporting system for everyday operations. IXGMAS facilitates communications in a transparent manner, favouring a fast and efficient response during operations.

IXGMAS is the ultimate solution to manage resources and situation successfully and efficiently, all while improving response time and facilitating collaboration to enhance overall performance, situational awareness and mission success.