Thermal and Radar Signature Management

Intermat is the single source of stealth technology coatings for military applications, developed after more than 20 years of in-house research and development (R&D). We specialise in the research, development, and production of stealth/anti-thermal coatings and radar absorbing materials. Production is carried under the highest standards, in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance provisions.

Thermal signature management: a force multiplier

  • You see first, act first, and engage the enemy under your own conditions and plan
  • Your forces can approach closer and fire first
  • You dramatically increase the survivability level of your valuable assets and personnel with a simple, effective and affordable solution.

Stealth coatings: an anti-missile shield

Several types of certain missiles, including cruise types, are equipped with infrared homing seekers and devices. Passive homing missiles rely on strong contrast changes to track. Anti-thermal coatings can render them unable to 'lock on'. Intermat has developed a unique and unmatched technology of anti-thermal coatings for wide use, to protect your strategic infrastructure from missile threats, effectively, affordably, reliably and, above all, always armed against missile threat.

Apply and forget, coat and protect

Our Chameleon Series of low observation paints (LOP) with anti-thermal/IR coatings protect the target from the modern thermographic IR sensors, confusing theirimage processing capabilities merging the higher reflectance of the target with the lower one of the background. They can be applied on any surface including metallic, alkaline/cement and plastic. It is a permanent countermeasure, suitable for command centres, headquarters, bunkers, oil tanks, airstrips and of course on force multipliers, armoured or tracked vehicles, multiple launchers, howitzers and weapon systems.

Our products

Beyond strategic applications, Intermat is able to provide its anti-thermal stealth technology in a variety of products, always adapting and conforming to customers' standards:

  • Camouflage nets (ultra-light protection for any kind of military vehicle or weapon system)
  • Covers/blankets (very useful when immediate protection is needed for an asset and eliminate its IR signature with no hassle and complexity and coating is not applicable such as ammunitions, radars andelectronic devices).
  • Sniper and ghillie suits (special forces deserve their own thermal countermeasure)

Self-adhesive (decal) and stealth camouflage system (PSTCD)

A modern type of anti-thermal and visual camouflage application on the same product. Delivered in the form of self-adhesive (decal) tape, sheet or surface customized both in size and patterns, according to customer's operational needs.

INTERMAT is the only producer and provider of anti-thermal/stealth self -adhesive material.

  • It is applicable on weapon systems or other military assets and materials that camouflage painting or use of other camouflage means is practically impossible: optical instruments, portable weapon systems (MANPADS, antitank weapons, air-defense systems and ECM's)
  • The application of self-adhesive camouflage is made at the lowest echelon. No expert personnel no special equipment and no assets neutralization (due to long-term painting works) is needed.
  • Special forces units/recce units (deploy to different operational environments so different camouflage needs emerge)
  • Units equipped with specialised weapon systems and cannot use other camouflage means and/or move constantly in operational areas
  • Small assets (radio stations, portable range finders, heavy guns tripods or parts) that are affecting heavily the thermal signature but camouflage solutions are not applicable
  • Commercial of the shelf (COTS) assets such as civil vehicles that military finds appropriate for use or materials such as portable computers, generators and water tanks, where no serious camouflage is usuallyprovided. With self-adhesive antithermal/visual camouflage any COTS material is ready for deployment


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Intermat Stealth 17 July 2012 Intermat is the single source of stealth technology coatings for military applications, developed after more than 20 years of in-house R&D.