Anti-detection and anti-targeting paint for protection against surveillance and targeting acquisition systems and sensors.

  • Instant application on the spot.
  • No surface preparation required.
  • Anywhere, anyone, anytime can apply.
  • No special equipment or protective measures needed.
  • Available in multiple military colours, with matt finish of desert and tan (amongst others).
  • Applicable on metallic, plastic, PVC, and fabrics.

Product characteristics

  • Multi-spectral responding to Near-IR, Mid-IR (3-5), and Far-IR (8-14 ranges).
  • The aerosol spray product is the solution for fast and small applications.
  • Comes in cans under pressure and covers 2sqkm in seconds.
  • Any colour under any conditions.
  • On small objects up to an armoured vehicle.
  • In the field just before operations.
  • Survivability is a click away.