Intermat Multi-spectral cover “Stealth Cloak” is an advanced material that simultaneously hides objects from detection methods such as Thermal/IR & Radar and millimeter-wave radar imaging.

Intermat “Stealth Cloak” is a flame resistance impregnated fabric that has inbuilt stealth protection as a part of the construction.
The fabric has excellent mechanical properties and resistant to tearing. The fabric is printed with our anti-thermal/IR paint – Ink formulation to give visual, Thermal/IR performance. It’s a superior camouflage product and can be used as a net 2D or cover or suit for personnel.


  • Outstanding performance in Thermal/IR & Radar Cross Section (RCS) attenuation.
  • Light weight, Thin and Flexible.
  • Very durable with superior mechanical properties.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Easy for application.
  • Can be engineered to meet end-user specs i.e. size, design, pattern, performance.

Product Features

Ghillie and Poncho Suits

  • Special fabric impregnated with our Low Observable (LO) – thermal/ IR technology. Double Protection!
  • LO-IR Wrap – Same Materials our Ghillies are made from but in a wrap form which is ideal for Weapons, Radios or other odd shaped objects.

Product Characteristics

  • The soldiers are protected against EO/IR Imagers and their detection is drastically reduced.
  • The fabric is breathable with reduced stiffness while various types and camouflage patterns can be produced.
  • Fabric weight can be as light as 60 gr and can be as effective as other much heavier systems since the amount of “insulation” is not achieved through thick and heavy materials but only by a thin top coat of our Low Observable (LO) – thermal/ IR paints.