The Modular ATC Tower solutions, Container and Frame mounted, are designed for applications where the full mobility provided by trailer is not required. The Modular ATC Tower, which is available in standard 20ft (6.1m) and 10ft (3m) sizes, or bespoke sizes to suit customer requirements, provides a transportable solution that can be installed as a temporary solution or as a longer-term low-cost ATC Tower.

This type of ATC tower can still be delivered using standard road transport and can be erected using cranes or HIAB equipped vehicles of a suitable tonnage. As the towers are configured and tested offsite, utilise pre-built cables and plug/socket connections the erection time is very short, and operations can start within 1-2 days of delivery depending on configuration.

Towers can be delivered with a wide range of internal configurations including equipment rooms, control rooms, crew rooms, offices, and welfare facilities. Windows and other suitable ventilation is provided in rooms that require them. If a standalone generator is also required, this can be housed in the lowest container within its own acoustically isolated room. Furthermore, if the concrete foundation pad and securing bolts are large enough (calculations will be supplied) significant VCR heights can be achieved by stacking multiple containers with up to 4 or 5 support containers possible. This would provide a significant amount of space for internal configuration.

Designs with internal stairways are also available, and although wider than standard containers, these can still be transported by road with the appropriate escort. Access steps for all types are designed and fabricated to match the specific dimensions of the tower, and all steps have LED lighting to ensure safe access at night. Platforms are provided at access points to the various containers, and an emergency egress is provided for the enclosed stair structure.

The standard sized VCRs are equipped with either 9-bay (large) or 5-bay (small) shock mounted, 19” rack-based consoles or can be designed to meet a specific need. The consoles can either provide equipment space for the ATC Equipment, or if support containers are provided, this can be housed in equipment racks in its own dedicated space. Consoles are equipped with a hinged script to allow easier access to the ATC equipment. Day and night (Red) gooseneck lighting is provided at the console for each operator, and in the ceiling for ambient lighting. A dimmable LED lighting strip is located under the console to provide lighting for the engineers as well as background lighting.

ATC grade tinted, sloped, double glazed windows and industry standard blinds are installed as standard. Aluminium covers are also provided to protect the windows in transit.

Mains services, including water and drainage, can be connected to the tower to provide full-service welfare facilities. Mobile ATC is happy to discuss any individual needs with prospective customers.

A well-designed modular tower provides a significant cost saving over traditional ATC Tower construction and if properly maintained will provide decades of use for airports where traditional ATC towers may be unsuitable.