Purpose-built 4×4 off road commercial vehicles provide an ideal platform for Tactical ATC MVCRs which can provide strategic and tactical mobility to military ATC units responsible for rapid greenfield airfield deployments worldwide. Providing a high degree of all round visibility the MVCR cab is designed to provide space for two-three ATC controllers and the equipment needed to support safe operation of a small forward operating base. When air transported to theatre the roof of the MVCR can be hydraulically lowered to allow ‘drive in’ loading onto a C130 aircraft.

Rapid deployment can be carried out by the ATCOs with a minimal amount of training reducing the size of the deployment team to a minimum. Additionally because the vehicle is supported by the manufacturer’s world wide maintenance network through life logistic support costs are dramatically reduced over those of full specification military equivalents.

The off road tyres and height of suspension give high ground clearance, which, combined with fully independent four wheel suspension, provides excellent off road capability.

  • All Terrain vehicle provides ATC at any remote location
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Cabin fitted with radios, VCCS, weather monitoring and voice recording options to meet customer requirements.
  • Fully operational in under one hour, rapid deployment by two-three men.
  • 360° visibility tinted, blast proof glass optional
  • Optional ballistic protection
  • Self-contained system
  • On-board generator