Off road Mobile VCRs are designed for deployment into areas where terrain would preclude the use of normal trailer mounted solutions or where it is preferred the unit deploy under its own power.

6×6 Elevating MVCR

The 6×6 Vehicle is currently based on a MAN chassis and is sufficiently large and robust enough to carry the elevating scissor platform deployed on the trailer versions.  Equipped to a similar specification as the 5th Wheel Trailer MVCR it is equipped with extending hydraulic stabilisers and an automatic self-levelling system that ensures a “level” to better than 0.5° degrees, the trailer is designed to hold the standard 20ft VCR container on its elevating bed.

The highly stable hydraulic scissor lift elevates the VCR container to a floor height of around 6m giving ATC Operators (ATCOs) an eye level of around 7.5m when seated.  Physical safety interlocks and positive hydraulic drive prevent accidental raising or lowering of the platform.

Access steps are stored in the vehicle bed and can be adjusted to provide access at both intermediate and full operating height.  The steps have LED lighting to ensure safe access at night.  Other storage lockers are provided for items needed for deployment including antennas, obstruction lights. meteorology sensors etc.

Internally the MVCR is equipped with a 9-bay shock mounted, 19” rack-based console, providing 108U of equipment space for the ATC Equipment. Day and night (Red) gooseneck lighting is provided at the console for each operator, and in the ceiling for ambient lighting. Dual ACUs provide environmental control.

4×4 Non-Elevating MVCR

The 4×4 Vehicle is currently based on the IVECO Daily 7000Kg chassis and provides sufficient room to provide a 2-3-man operating environment that can be readily deployed in a C130 by simply lowering the hydraulic powered window structure onto the main vehicle frame.

The vehicle carries an onboard 8kVA generator which provides enough power for the vehicle as well as external systems like a deployable meteorological system and portable LED airfield lighting.

The consoles are shock mounted and19” Bay rack equipped to hold sufficient equipment for a small deployment.  White and tactical (red) lighting is provided at the console for each operator as well as in the ceiling.  The environment is controlled by a single ACU. We can install equipment as required by the end user, or provide empty racks equipped with power so that the configuration can be changed dependent on operational requirements.

With a minimum of basic training this rapidly deployable and easy to use MVCR can be deployed and used by a pair of ATCOs without the need for engineering support. This makes it ideal for use in QRF functions where manpower needs to be kept to a minimum.