The Tow Bar MVCR Trailer is available in two sizes; 20ft (6m) cabin and 10ft (3m) cabin.  Either are towed by a standard vehicle equipped with air brakes and a tow hook and are fitted with a dual height tow-hitch fitted with either 50mm or NATO 76mm eye. The trailer axles are fitted with ‘Super Single’ wheels to give an enhanced ride on rough terrain and air suspension allows the whole trailer to be raised to a higher ride height if required.

The larger version is equipped with extending hydraulic stabilisers and an automatic self-levelling system that ensures a ‘level’ to better than 0.5° degrees, whilst the smaller trailer is levelled manually using its drop-down stabiliser legs. The highly stable hydraulic scissor lift elevates the VCR container to a floor height of around 6m on the large trailer and 4m on the small version, giving ATC Operators (ATCOs) an eye level of around 7.5m and 5.5m respectively when seated. Physical safety interlocks and positive hydraulic drive prevent accidental raising or lowering of the platform.

Access steps are stored in the trailer bed and can be adjusted to provide access at both intermediate and full operating height on the large trailer. The small trailer has one elevated height. The steps have LED lighting to ensure safe access at night.  Other storage lockers are provided for items needed for deployment including antennas, obstruction lights, meteorology sensors etc.

ATC grade tinted, sloped, double glazed windows and industry-standard blinds are installed as standard.  Aluminium covers are also provided to protect the windows in transit.

Internally the MVCR is equipped with a nine-bay (large) or five-bay (small) shock mounted, 19in rack-based console, providing equipment space for the ATC Equipment. The console is equipped with a hinged script to allow easier access to the ATC equipment.

Day and night (Red) gooseneck lighting is provided at the console for each operator, and in the ceiling for ambient lighting. A dimmable LED lighting strip is located under the console to provide lighting for the engineers as well as background lighting.

Air Conditioning Units (ACU) are provided for environment control, and if required an additional ducted ACU can be supplied to duct air to the console for equipment cooling in the larger trailer. The small trailer is equipped with a single ACU.

The VCR can be disconnected from the trailer and both VCR and Trailer can be loaded into a C130J (or larger) aircraft. Rollers are fitted to the trailer bed to allow the VCR to be rolled off the trailer and into the aircraft. All communications and power are supplied through umbilical cables that are disconnected and stowed prior to transit.

A generator can be supplied on a separate trailer and the Automatic Mains Failure Unit switches the Generator on (and off) in the event of loss of power. A UPS keeps critical systems alive until the generator comes online.  Alternatively, the customer can utilise their own generator.