Purpose-built 6×6 off-road trucks can provide an ideal platform for the Mobile Elevating ATC tower which provides outstanding strategic and tactical mobility to military ATC units operating in extreme conditions worldwide. Vehicles can be fully supported by the manufacturer’s network in terms of spare parts and servicing.

The size of the tyres and height of suspension give high ground clearance, which, combined with fully independent six wheel suspension, provides excellent off road capability.

Tyre Pressure Control systems that enable tyres to be deflated where low ground pressure is needed may also be available on certain models.

  • All Terrain truck provides ATC at any remote location
  • Six wheel drive
  • Cabin elevates to 7.5m high ATC
  • Cabin fitted with radios, VCCS, weather monitoring and voice recording options to meet customer requirement
  • Fully operational in one hour, rapid deployment by two-three men
  • 360° visibility tinted, blast proof glass optional
  • Optional ballistic protection
  • Self-contained system
  • On-board generator