5th Wheel Trailer Mounted Fully Mobile, Elevating ATC Cabin for 3 + 1 operators, capable of handling over 600 movements a day.

  • Trailer mounted so no dedicated towing vehicle required. Towed by commercial 5th Wheel HGV vehicle.
  • Cabin elevates to 7m high.
  • Fitted with radios, VCCS, weather monitoring and voice recording options to meet customer requirements.
  • Fully operational in two hours, rapid deployment by two-three men.
  • 360° visibility tinted glass.
  • Optional ballistic protection.
  • Self-contained system.
  • Mains or generator powered.
  • Generator on Trailer step can be remotely located.


Lowered position: 9.72m long, 3.90m high, 2.50m wide, Cabin 6.08m long
Raised position: 14.90m long (including stairs), 8.20m high (to roof top) + antennas, 4.94m wide with stabilisers deployed