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US to arm Syrian rebels after ‘proven’ chemical attacks

The US is to provide military support to Syrian rebel forces after announcing it has evidence that suggests chemical weapon attacks have been carried out by government forces in the country.

NSA leaks: what’s behind the US Govt’s ‘Boundless Informant’ technology

Edward Snowden’s leaks not only confirm the presence of widespread snooping by US intelligence agencies, but also the existence of technology designed to filter such information.

May’s top stories: North Korean rocket launch and Syrian arms embargo ended

North Korea defied international warnings and conducted a fourth short-range guided missile launch, as EU member states voted to end an arms embargo, allowing rebel forces in Syria to be armed. wraps up the key headlines from May 2013.

Outsourced education for IED detection

Despite a recorded rise in IED incidents, deaths of coalition forces continue to fall. While detect and diffuse technologies have come a long way, superior training using private sector specialists has tipped the balance. Could this help set a trend for greater outsourcing in the UK?

April’s top stories: US responds to North Korea as UN passes arms treaty

The US continued to respond in kind to threats of nuclear war emanating from North Korea, as the latter’s vote against an arms trade treaty failed to stop it from receiving approval. wraps up the key headlines from April 2013.

Sensor sensibility: the future of soldier-worn systems

With survivability high on the agenda, armies worldwide are developing sensors that are not only capable of monitoring a soldier’s vital signs, but could even predict future ailments and injuries.

Creating Supermen: battlefield performance enhancing drugs

Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal blew the lid on performance enhancing drugs in professional sport, but opened up the debate regarding their use in other walks of life. Given what’s at stake, should soldiers be pumped full of drugs to help them reach their peak, and to what extent is this already happening?

Video feature: changing LAWS of warfare – US laser weapon downs drones

Having been the subject of interest of military commanders and science-fiction fans alike for decades, the US Department of Defense believes it is finally making ground in the pursuit of laser weaponry following a successful test of its LAWS system.

US to deploy THAAD battery to Guam as North Korea threatens US territory

The US has ordered a Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) battery to Guam in response to a North Korean Army statement declaring that it had been cleared to conduct a nuclear strike on targets within the US.

March’s top stories: Korean tensions and Syrian assistance

Tensions between North Korea and the US continue to teeter towards breaking point, as the UK announced further non-lethal assistance to opposition forces in Syria. wraps up the key headlines from March 2013.