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Barrett Communications - HF & VHF Tactical Communications

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Barrett Communications design and manufacture a complete range of secure HF and VHF tactical communication solutions that are easily adaptable to particular environments, from man-pack, to mobile vehicle and base station configurations. Our communication products and solutions are used worldwide across a wide range of defence personnel, including border security, paramilitary police, coast guard and national defence forces.

Clients choose our products based on our consideration of their unique requirements, and are recognised for their quality, field-tested dependability and simple intuitive operation. Our customised communications solutions provide clients with international technical support and tailored operator training through our customer support network.

Barrett Communications also provide tailored solutions for high frequency radio communications systems, with a complete design and international installation capability. Some of our customised solutions have included:

  • HF systems for air traffic control
  • Remote sited HF transmitters and receivers linked by landlines or microwave
  • LAN based control systems for remote sited HF transmitters and receivers
  • Operator consoles
  • Custom built interfaces, control systems, operator positions.
  • MIL-STD HF data systems including 5066 stack based systems.
  • Integration of new HF transmitters and receivers into existing systems.
  • Turnkey mission based installations
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • High power transmitters for GMDSS systems
  • High power HF email and data systems
  • Military HF networks

All of our products can be modified to suit any tactical need through our complete range of accessories and antennas.

PRC-2090 tactical HF/SSB transceiver system

The PRC-2090 Tactical HF/SSB transceiver system is a multi-role HF communications system that can be deployed as a 30W manpack, a 100W vehicle mounted system or a 100W base station.

Central to the efficacy of the system is the lightweight PRC-2090 HF/SSB transceiver that includes an integrated automatic antenna tuner, a sophisticated battery management system integrated into each Li-ion battery cartridge, all mode operation, ALE to MIL-STD 188-141B, optional internal MIL waveform modem with 5066 stack, encryption and frequency hopping.

The PRC-2090 manpack transceiver features enable the user to deploy full communication capability in a variety of environments. It is designed with a demountable display that can be attached to webbing, allowing the operator to make calls on the move or to be used remotely from the transceiver when used in temporary base stations

Features of the PRC-2090 include:

  • Advanced frequency hopping
  • ALE to MIL-STD 188-141B (FED STD 1045)
  • Display removable for wearing on webbing
  • Rugged custom handset with full keypad
  • 5.2kg with 10Ah battery
  • Vehicle docking station with full 100 W RF power output
  • Fully immersible

PRC-2080 tactical low band VHF multirole transceiver system

The PRC-2080 tactical transceiver system is a low band VHF communication device that contains simplistic functions, enabling it to retain its lightweight and compact qualities without compromising on quality. The communication device's basic controls and portable nature was specifically designed for multi-role tactical operations, which provides clients with an ease of operation of the system during missions.

The PRC-2080 is available with a secure fixed frequency (FF) digital encrypted mode with a digitally encrypted free channel search (FCS) or an anti-jamming digital encrypted frequency hopping (FH) mode. It is manufactured to conform to MIL-STD-810G for immersion, shock, vibration, dust and temperature rating specifications.

The PRC-2080 encrypted and frequency hopping options represent a significant breakthrough in the field of tactical military communications. Our addition of the total package of options is competitively priced, costing as little as one quarter of other contemporary military transceivers.

The PRC-2080 tactical system addresses five main roles. As a 5W backpack used with a short antenna it is suitable for squad/platoon level applications. With the PRC-2081 deployed in the 25W docking station and fitted with a full length tactical whip antenna it can be deployed at company/battalion/brigade level for use over ranges of 3km to 25km.

When deployed in the vehicle docking station and combined with the 50W VHF amplifier the systems as in the PRC-2082, PRC-2083 and PRC-2084 can be used in vehicle, base station and rebroadcast applications.

Features of the PRC-2080 include:

  • Compatible with PRC-77 and equivalents
  • Advanced DSP voice and data signal processing
  • Encrypted and frequency hopping security options
  • High speed encrypted data
  • Selective and group calling
  • Messaging and data transfer
  • Tactical rebroadcast mode
  • Smart peripheral detection system
  • Available as 5W squad radio, 25W brigade radio, 50W mobile, 50W base station and 50W re-broadcast system

About Barrett Communications

Barrett Communications is renowned for providing defence professionals with tailored yet simple communication solutions. Our products and systems are backed by ISO9001:2008 quality assurance certification.

Our continuous product development, sophisticated manufacturing and distribution systems have been fundamental in the ongoing success of Barrett Communications.

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Barrett Communications Pty Ltd
PO Box 1214
Bibra Lake
WA 6965
Western Australia
Tel: +61 8 9434 1700
Fax: +61 8 9418 6757
URL: JPAM - Barrett HF Radio Training November 2009

Radio System from Barrett Military Communications PRC-2090 HF Tactical Manpack
Vehicle Docking Station Manpack Transceiver PRC-2091 HF Tactical Mobile package
Base Station Featuring a External Data Modem PRC-2091 HF Tactical Base package including external data modem and AC power supply
Low Band Military Squad Transceiever PRC-2080 5 W VHF Tactical Transceiver
Low Band Transciever Fitted onto a Soldiers Back PRC-2081 25 W VHF Tactical Manpack
PRC-2082 50 W VHF Tactical Mobile Package
PRC-2083 50 W VHF Tactical Re-broadcast System
PRC-2084 50 W VHF Tactical Base Package
Manpack data solution, incorporates PRC-2090 manpack with internal modem and RPT5 ruggedised UMPC
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