The Barrett 4050 is fully interoperable with advanced digital selective calling systems. The transceiver supplies four and six digit selective call features such as remote transceiver disable capabilities, point to point and / or multipoint secure call, status calling, GPS tracking, SMS text and telephone interconnect.

When the 4050 is combined with various Barrett products it provides highly secure data transfer, email and telephone connectivity within a HF network, the international telephone network and the internet.

Barrett’s GPS interface supports connection into any NMEA 0183 external GPS receiver antenna for tracking applications, and supplies position information and emergency call features on all deployed equivalently equipped HF assets.

Barrett can supply unrivalled asset tracking performance over HF when combined with its upcoming GPS Push tracking solution.

The 4050 is supplied with multiple waveform options including CLOVER 2500 and the upcoming CLOVER NG standard, along with MIL-STD-188-110A/B (STANAG 4285, 4415, 4481, 4529, 4539). These waveforms provide an unparalleled performance with ‘throughput’ rates up to and exceeding 19,200bps in combination with Barrett’s latest digital transmission software and intuitive user interface.

Key features of Barrett 4050 include:

  • Advanced fully software-defined architecture
  • Intuitive and user-friendly touch-screen interface
  • IP Connectivity and remote-control enabled
  • Wireless operation via iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • USB connection for transceiver programming, key fill and cloning
  • Multi-language menu
  • Digital voice and secure digital voice
  • On-board high speed data transmission waveforms
  • Detachable wired and wireless control head connectivity
  • Up to 150W transmit power
  • Superior receiver performance
  • Low current consumption
  • 2G and 3G Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) option
  • Fully backwards compatible with existing radio networks