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Tracked and Wheeled Armoured Combat Vehicles and Weapon Systems


FNSS Savunma Sistemleri is a joint venture company formed by NUROL Holding, Turkey and BAE Systems. FNSS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tracked and wheeled armoured combat vehicles and weapon systems for the Turkish Armed Forces and Allied Armed Forces.

FNSS has produced more than 2,700 tracked armoured combat vehicles (ACV) in more than 20 different configurations under several domestic and export contracts. These vehicles are in use by the armed forces worldwide.

13t-15t armoured combat vehicles

The Armoured Combat Vehicle15 (ACV15) was developed by FNSS to meet the requirements of the Turkish Army for a heavily armoured vehicle in the 13t-15t class, which is able to operate alongside tanks in a combined arms team. The platform design allows integration of different subsystems to meet different roles.

The ACV15 is a fully tracked (five road wheels), low-silhouette vehicle capable of high-speed operations in desert conditions, cross-country and on road.

FNSS has produced 2,249 ACVs for Turkey and exported others to Malaysia, the Philippines and the UAE.

15t-19t tracked combat vehicles

The Armoured Combat Vehicle19 (ACV19) is a family of 15t-19t class vehicles derived from the successful FNSS ACV15. In addition to offering performance improvements, the ACV19 offers commonality with the ACV15 family.

The vehicle has been sold to the Royal Saudi Land Forces in a tactical command post configuration, and a 120mm mortar vehicle has been built for the Malaysian Army.

6x6 and 8x8 wheel armoured combat vehicles

FNSS has developed a new generation of wheeled armoured combat vehicles in 6x6 and 8x8 configurations, with a special emphasis on mobility, protection, payload and growth potential.

The vehicle, named PARS (which in Turkish means 'Leopard'), is designed not only to have a high level of ballistic and mine resistance, but also to carry a variety of weapon stations and provide a high internal volume, which allows for a full complement of infantry soldiers with all of their equipment.

The PARS forms the basis of the 8x8 AV8 vehicle, which DEFTECH, in cooperation with FNSS, is developing for the Malaysian Armed Forces. A total of 257 8x8 AV8 wheeled armoured vehicles with 12 different configurations will be built for the Malaysian Armed Forces within the scope of the project.

Armoured amphibious assault bridge

The armoured amphibious assault bridge (AAAB) is a bridge and ferry system designed for the Turkish Armed Forces to enable fast and safe transport through rivers in the battlefield.

With its diesel engine, automatic transmission, pneumatic suspension and hydraulic brake system, the AAAB system can climb up to a 50% gradient and move on a 30% side slope. The system, different from similar systems in the market, has an 8x8 drive system with a central tire inflation system.

Remote controlled turret

The ability to locate a weapon system almost entirely on top of a vehicle hull with virtually no intrusion to the hull can be a major advantage. These systems also enable the gunner to be located anywhere inside the hull, providing additional flexibility. This approach has led the way for remote weapon stations and later to remote or unmanned turrets.

The Claw RTC, which was developed jointly by FNSS and ASELSAN, is suitable for installation on a wide range of tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles as original equipment or to enhance the firepower of older platforms.

The Claw RCT will have the option for a 25mm or 30 mm automatic cannon with 7.62mm MG, day/night sight and an independent commander's sight on the roof of the turret, enabling hunter / killer capability.

One-man turret

The Sharpshooter™ turret has firepower which includes a 25mm M242 automatic cannon (Bushmaster) that delivers both armour piercing and high explosive fire with extreme accuracy, in addition to a coaxially mounted 7.62mm machine gun.

The turret's 25mm M242 automatic cannon exhibited high reliability and effectiveness during tests carried out by the US Army.

Amphibious armoured combat earthmover

The amphibious armoured combat earthmover (AACE) is used for the preparation of river banks in crossing-over operations. It is capable of performing bulldozing, rough grading, excavating, hauling, and scraping operations.

Compared to standard work machines, the AACE has the capability to take in ballast from the soil ground to its ballast canister when necessary and discharge it at the end of the operation.

The AACE is a local development and manufacturing project of FNSS for meeting the requirements of Turkish Land Forces, the agreement for which was signed in 2009. FNSS is responsible for the delivery of 12 vehicles, including one prototype for qualification tests and approval.

FNSS M113A4 FoV capability and sustainment program

The sustainability solution meets all of the M113 family of vehicles for mobility upgrades with the only differences in the specific mission modules required by a variant to meet its mission. Therefore, M113 variants will all be based on a common mobility platform providing significant saving in logistics such as spare parts inventories and a common maintenance policy.

The FNSS solution is the lowest cost alternative that fully meets the requirements for a modern reliable M113 FoV'. FNSS M113A4 is based on common subsystems with Malaysian ACV Adnan, Turkish Army's standard ACV and United Arab Emirates ACV 350 Dhabyan vehicles.

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