The PARS Scout SPV is manufactured by FNSS for the Turkish armed forces and General Command of Gendarmerie. Credit: FNSS.
The PARS Scout SPV is designed as a flexible platform to meet future needs. Credit: FNSS.
The PARS Scout SPV is equipped with ballistic glass for better situational awareness. Credit: FNSS.

PARS Scout is a wheeled special purpose vehicle (SPV) manufactured by FNSS. Designed for deployment in all-terrain conditions, the vehicle is suitable for reconnaissance and internal security missions.

The PARS Scout SPV has been indigenously designed and developed by FNSS in co-operation with Turkish SMEs and subcontractors. It is the latest member of the PARS family of armoured vehicles.

The FNSS PARS Scout SPV was unveiled at the IDEF 2021 exhibition held in Istanbul in August 2021.

PARS Scout orders and deliveries

The Presidency of Defence Industries, Turkey (SSB) and FNSS signed a contract for the special purpose tactical wheeled armoured vehicle (SPTWAV) project at the IDEF 2019 exhibition held in Istanbul in May 2019.

FNSS will supply the PARS Scout SPVs to the Turkish land forces and the General Command of Gendarmerie under the contract.

The first stage of the contract will involve the production and delivery of 100 PARS Scout SPVs in five different versions, including the PARS Scout 6×6 command vehicle and 6×6 radar vehicle, the PARS Scout 8×8 CBRN reconnaissance vehicle, 8×8 sensor reconnaissance vehicle, and the 8×8 armoured combat vehicle.

PARS Scout design and features

The modular layout of the vehicle has been designed by FNSS engineers in line with the SPTWAV contract requirements including the usage of domestic sub-systems and the ability to reconfigure the hull to meet future needs.

The PARS Scout SPV is available in 6×6 and 8×8 configurations. Designed for all types of road and terrain conditions, the vehicle ensures balanced high-speed movement on straight roads and a low risk of skidding at curves.

The 6×6 variant has a length of approximately 7m, width of 3m and hull height of 2.5m, while the length, width and hull height of the 8×8 configuration are 8m, 3m and 2.5 respectively. The forward crew cab can accommodate two troops including a driver and a commander. It is fitted with ballistic glass panels covered by slat armour. The glass provides a 230° horizontal field of view and superior situational awareness.

The forward and rear hull sections are installed with day/night cameras that further increase the crew’s observation capabilities. The modular arrangement of the subsystems makes the maintenance and replacement of the components easy.

Self-protection features of the Turkish armoured vehicle

The vehicle features a mine-resistant hull, underbelly structure, base armour plates and blast-resistant seats, which will offer enhanced personnel protection against mine and ballistic threats.

The modular armour system of the SPV can be upgraded to increase the level of protection according to the user requirements.

PARS Scout engine and mobility

The Scout SPV vehicles are powered by a Euro 3-compliant diesel engine coupled to a fully-automatic transmission. The power-to-weight ratio of the vehicle is 20hp/t. The fuel tanks are protected by the under armour of the hull.

The vehicles are equipped with a fully independent hydro-pneumatic suspension, which provides a better grip on roads in various climate conditions. Both variants are fitted with run-flat tires and a central tire inflation system (CTIS) that allows the driver to adjust the tire pressures according to the terrain conditions.

The maximum road speed of the 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles is 100km/h, while the range is more than 700km. The approach and departure angles of both the variants are 42° and 35° respectively. The vehicle has a gradient of 60% and a side slope of 30% and can cross vertical obstacles of 0.7m height. The 6×6 and 8×8 versions can negotiate 1.4m and 2m trenches respectively.

The turning radius of the 6×6 and 8×8 variants is more than 9m and 10.5m respectively, while both the variants can ford a depth of 1.7m. The PARS Scout vehicles can be transported by A400M transport aircraft.