How data became the new frontier in modern warfare

Using data to understand battlefields is not a new phenomenon. But strategists are wrestling to gain control as the quantity and accessibility of data in modern warfare proliferates

General Dynamics reports full year net earnings of $3.4bn

The company-wide backlog was $91.1bn and the total estimated contract value was $127.7bn at the end of the year.

Poland and neighbors may be shifting center of gravity in European defense & security

Shared history of conflict with Russia and the fear of its resurgent militarism at their borders has pushed these countries to deliver substantial military aid to Ukraine.

Will MBT provision to Ukraine push NATO and Russia to the brink?

With NATO countries now mobilised to provide main battle tanks to Ukraine, the threat of escalation with Russia has reached new heights.

Raytheon reports 4% increase in net sales in 2022

The company unveiled realignment plans for its business units in 2023.