Commanders, crew, and troops rely on efficient electric equipment, energy storage, distribution and management systems that ensure uninterrupted power supply, allowing them to focus on the assigned mission without any fear of disruption in military power supply.

Military-grade electrical equipment, batteries and power supply systems are gaining importance as they play a key role in meeting the challenging energy requirements of military platforms in evolving battlefield environments.

Top suppliers of electrical equipment, batteries, and power supply

Army Technology presents a list of leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment and systems, batteries, and power supply systems, based on its intel, insights, and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes military battery pack manufacturers, portable electrical power systems suppliers, and providers of military-style battery terminals and custom-made power conversion solutions.

The information available in the download document is useful for engineers, strategists, procurement heads, technicians, electronics maintenance supervisors, and any other individual involved in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment, batteries and power supply systems for military vehicles, radars, command and control platforms, navigation and communication systems, electronic warfare devices, and weapon systems.

The download contains detailed information on the suppliers and their products, alongside contact details to ease your purchasing decision.

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Electrical equipment and energy systems for defence applications

Electrical equipment, batteries and power supply systems designed for use by defence forces include, but not limited to:

  • Military power conversion systems
  • Integrated AC and DC power supplies for military platforms
  • Custom battery packs and chargers for military applications
  • Military-spec wires and custom cables
  • Military thermal batteries
  • Li-Ion, LiFePO4 and NiMh battery packs
  • Man-portable generators and auxiliary power units
  • Lighting solutions for military applications
  • Military tactical electric power systems

Choosing the best military battery terminals

As military platforms continue to become compact and more powerful, choosing lightweight, reliable, and high-performance military-style battery terminals and custom military battery packs becomes even more important.

These military power supply systems enable easy deployment, ensure high shock and impact resistance, and meet the requirements of high-tech military devices while optimising power load balancing.