Military shelters protect troops, armaments, equipment, and cargo from changing climates. These structures enable rapid deployment at any location and can be modified according to mission requirements.

Finding suppliers of military shelters

Army Technology has listed established manufacturers of military shelters based on its intel, insights and decades of experience in the defence sector. The directory includes suppliers of shelter products and solutions, including collapsible and prefabricated shelters, mobile tactical shelters, flexible tents, fabric structures and container-based camp shelters.

The download document is useful for strategists, procurement heads, engineers, fabricators, construction managers and engineering supervisors, and other individuals involved in acquiring, operating and maintaining military shelter systems.

The document includes detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers and their products, along with contact details, to inform your purchasing decision.

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Military shelters for land forces

Military shelter systems and solutions designed for use by armed forces include:

  • Lightweight, rapidly deployable shelters, shipping containers, pallets, and sustainment solutions
  • Modular flat-pack buildings, mobile shelters, and turnkey military camps
  • Field units, shelters, accommodation, firing ranges and storage facilities
  • Refrigerated ISO-certified containers and dual reefer containers
  • Inflatable tents, shelters, and clear-span structures
  • High-pressure inflatable tents and expandable containers for defence applications
  • High-quality fabric structures for military organisations
  • Mobile military shelters

The need for mobile military shelters

As theatres of operations vary based on mission needs, armed forces require portable shelters and temporary structures that can be quickly installed and relocated.

Highly mobile and rapidly deployable military structures and shelters, ballistic and blast-resistant shelters, field units and lightweight carbon shelters help meet defence forces’ changing mission requirements.

Mobile shelters also support multiple configurations and deployments, as well as long-term fixed base operations while ensuring low installation, repair and maintenance costs.