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Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group drew together the capabilities, skills and expertise across the Land Systems businesses of the Marshall Group.

We design the project around your priorities and it is all about delivering systems that our customers need, in the way that best satisfies their performance requirements and within the budgets they have available.

This approach has seen us positioned as one of the UK MOD's highest ranked suppliers and an organisation recognised as 'working for you'.

Our land systems business is formed of six divisions:

Protected workspace

Our mobile, expandable and integrated containerised solutions satisfy requirements across the following core areas:

  • Forensics and Laboratories

Our mobile forensic and laboratory modules enable forensic sampling, analysis and profiling through to detailed DNA investigation of buccal, blood, hair, tissue and contact traces. We enable time critical, point of incident, clean room analysis that delivers the results required within the critical golden hour.

  • C4ISTAR, Ground Stations and Command Posts

Our command and control and C4ISTAR solutions cover a range of roles including UAV control centres, computer server units, briefing rooms, command centres, intelligence cells and image processing facilities. Integrating complex sub-systems we deliver seamless and unified operating systems.

  • Deployable Catering Facilities

Our ergonomic modular catering facilities allow for significant improvements in the equipments and working environments available, considerably enhancing both the quantity and quality of output.


We understand the specialist nature of deployable medical facilities, supplying deployable medical facilities that enhance patient care across the military and humanitarian healthcare spectrum, including:

  • Battlefield casualty evacuation systems ranging from stretcher loading systems to complete ambulance systems
  • Complete deployable modular medical facilities from Role 1 to Role 3, including full CBRN protection if required
  • Medical logistics, including the storage and distribution of medical consumables, medical waste management, clinical gas management systems and the supply and distribution of power and water
  • Medical facility infrastructure such as accommodation, ablutions, kitchens, laundry and other hospital facilities
  • Mobile CT Scanners, operating theatres and many other individual modules that can be integrated into existing facilities.
  • Conversion of aircraft for tactical and strategic medical evacuation roles

Vehicle engineering

Our Vehicle Engineering division undertakes the specification, design and integration of vehicle based logistic equipments. Partnered with vehicle OEMs, we deliver loadbeds, flat racks, cargo systems and vehicle mounted logistics equipment.

  • Our vehicle loadbeds account for the rigours and stresses of operations. We offer low torsion load beds for the more standard load through to state of the art zero torsion systems for the most specialist and delicate of loads
  • Our flat racks are customised to the vehicles role. Hook loadable, smaller and lighter than industry standards, pre loading and storage of our flat rack solutions ensure enhanced user operations
  • We understand the complexities of vehicle integration and completion across multiple vehicles and we are known as vehicle completers

Our expert approach to programme management has been tried and tested as part of the UK MOD Support Vehicle Programme, delivering more than 7,000 vehicle logistics systems on time and to specification.

Capability development

Our Capability Development division examines, develops and delivers turnkey solutions including:

  • Armoured Vehicle systems
  • Vehicle communications systems
  • Specialist vehicles including covert surveillance and missile launch platforms
  • Unmanned vehicles and payload specification and integration
  • Ground control stations for UAVs
  • Energy and power systems for multiple applications

Working collaboratively with partners, we are recognised for adding the most value in situations where the greatest technical challenges exist.


Through Lorica Systems UK Ltd, our joint venture with Plasan, we design, manufacture and integrate innovative protection technologies across land, sea and air platforms including:

  • Composite armour - Offering operationally proven, totally ballistic tested hardened metals, ceramics, fabrics and resins that maximise crew and systems protection for platforms and personal body armour.
  • Whole platform survivability - We offer complete platform survivability solutions incorporating blast deflection and absorption, seating and harness integrity, fire protection and suppression and protection of critical components.

In-service support

We take a through life approach to capability management. We address capability gaps, develop robust requirements and specification standards that include assisting with the complex requirements capture and trade-off process.

Trade-offs are inevitably required to acquire a system that is affordable (lowest life cycle cost), operable, supportable, sustainable, transportable, and environmentally sound. We also review existing designs to create accurate and unambiguous definitions of systems and ensure that clarity of design is flowed throughout the supply chain.

We apply a structured approach of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), and support the product in-service throughout its life, including on deployed operations (CONDO), and ultimately arranging for its final safe disposal at end of life.

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Deployable CT Scanner 02 August 2016 In 2008, Marshall Land Systems, specialists in complex systems integration working with Philips Healthcare, leading industry experts in CT, developed the first deployable CT scanner for the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO).