Omnetics Connector Corporation

Rugged Miniature and Ultra-Miniature Connectors and Interconnect Systems for Defence Applications

micro and nano connectors

Omnetics Connector Corporation (Omnetics) specialises in the design and manufacturing of micro-miniature and nano-miniature connectors and interconnection systems.

The company's range of nano, micro and hybrid connectors are ideal for defence programmes, where factors such as size, weight, signal integrity and reliability are thoroughly considered.

Omnetics provide a variety of reduced size and weight interconnectors:

  • Micro and nano strip and circular-connectors
  • Nano-D / Bi-Lobe (a QPL rectangular Nano-connector family)
  • Squeeze-latching Nano-D / Bi-Lobe
  • Polarised Nano-connectors - PZN
  • Micro-D (a QPL rectangular micro-connector family)
  • Squeeze-latching Micro-D
  • Hybrid circular, micro-D, and nano-D connectors
  • Connectors complaint with the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Act

The company also manufactures application specific connector and cable assemblies, which require a tailored design solution.

Micro-miniature and nano-miniature connectors and interconnect systems for rugged applications

Omnetics are a leading supplier for military, aerospace, instrumentation and related high-technology orientated OEMs. The company's products are currently being used worldwide within aircraft, missile and weapon systems, soldier worn and unmanned systems and satellite programmes.

The Omnetics spring-socket system (Flex-Pin) has approved QPL status for Mil-83513 for Micro-D (0.050in pitch) connectors and the Mil-32139 level programme for Nano-D (0.025in pitch) connectors.

Ruggedised, compact and lightweight interconnection systems

Omnetics connectors are suitable to both new and updated programmes, which require lightweight connectors and interconnect systems.

The company produces highly reliable and compact connectors for the defence and civil aerospace sectors, as well as supply products to leading projects and applications worldwide.

Omnetics has provided solutions such as:

  • Guidance, surveillance, cube satellite and portable communications systems
  • Weapon systems such as artillery and guided missiles
  • Unmanned vehicles systems
  • Aerospace and military equipment
  • Imaging and optics
  • Vehicles: land vehicles, fighter planes, helicopters and civil aircraft

Commercial-off-the-shelf connectors

Omnetics offers a comprehensive commercial off-the-shelf (COTs) inventory. The company's vast range of standard and bespoke designs ensures clients that their interconnectors meet their requirements and schedule.

Cabling for interconnect systems

Omnetics has designed a complete cabling package to complement its interconnector solutions, including a cable harness system.

The company's engineers will consider various factors in their cable designs, including:

  • Agency ratings
  • Environmental conditions
  • Chemical exposure
  • Flexibility
  • EMI/RMI shielding
  • Ruggedness
  • Weight

About Omnetics

Omnetics designs and assembles products at its plant in Minneapolis, US, which features in-house automatic machining and over-moulding equipment.

The company provides support for all client specifications with a worldwide distribution and sales team, who is experienced in standard and customised designs for miniature and ultra-miniature connector and interconnect systems.

Contact Details

Omnetics Connector Corporation
7260 Commerce Circle East
MN 55432
United States of America
+1 763 572 0656
+1 763 572 3925

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