UPE4000 portable power supply

The portable device serves for uninterruptible power supply of 24VDC consumers at available AC-net using the built in rectifier unit or from external supply unit this could be a fuel cell of maximum voltage of 28.8V.

If AC-net is not available or in mobile missions, the power supply is assured by the integrated gel battery set of 24V 16Ah. The device is classified IP54. The batteries are mounted shock resistant. The electromagnetic capability (EMC) classification fulfills minimum consumer electronics (CE).

During the charging, the display shows current and voltage and external load. In case of a failure charging beep sounds, which can be acknowledged by pressing the button. If no network or external supply is available, the display shows battery condition BATT. OK (greater than 21.6V), BATT. SPACE (20.4V) or OFF (less than 20.4V) by pressing the button. The power cable is connected to the device firm.

The consumers can be connected by a customised cable. Caused by the integrated conservation of the charge the power supply can be arbitrarily long operated on the network. The battery charging is temperature compensated. The output voltage can be switched by a rotary switch. Recharging is required every six months.

Key features include:

  • 28.8V / 8A charging / 1A trickle-charging
  • Shock mounted Lithium or Dryfit batteries
  • 19.1kg (including 2Ah x 16Ah Dryfit)