The BT612 is a tester for screening of battery blocks of 6V and 12V. After fixing the clamps to the poles of the battery, the beeper sounds. By pressing the start button the 12V battery is submitted to a load of 100A for a time span of five seconds.

For a 6V battery the load is 50A. The display shows the off-load voltage and the voltage under load. The drop of voltage caused by cable length is compensated by software so that voltage value at the clamps is indicated. The measured values are available at the RS232 interface.

The entry of the tester is protected against connection to higher voltages or wrong polarity.

Battery tester for 6V to 60V batteries on request.

Key features include:

  • Identification of weak or destroyed 12V batteries by expressive stress test, switchable between 50A and 100A
  • Display and logging of data non-powered
  • Customised solutions. 2V to 60V batteries / 12.5A to 200A stress test
  • Compatible with batteries of universal power supply (UPS) and emergency lighting, alarm and fire protection systems, heat and smoke vent, automatic gate systems