The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the US has signed an open licencing agreement with CEVA, to expedite technology innovation for its programmes.

The agreement establishes a framework that will enable DARPA organisations to access all of CEVA’s commercially available IPs, tools and support for their programmes. The partnership is part of its DARPA Toolbox initiative.

CEVA CEO Gideon Wertheizer said: “Our partnership with DARPA extends the reach of our advanced DSPs, AI Processors and wireless IPs to the DARPA research programmes and its ecosystem.

“Our comprehensive and low power platforms for 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth, computer vision, sound and motion sensing will help to accelerate innovation within DARPA, enabling its researchers to leverage our best-in-class technologies along with our guidance and support.”

The DARPA Toolbox is an agency-wide effort launched recently to eliminate potential roadblocks that can slow down innovation.

The initiative will provide open licensing opportunities with commercial technology vendors to the researchers behind DARPA programmes. The successful proposers will receive greater access to commercial vendors’ technologies and tools under agreed frameworks.

In return, the DARPA Toolbox will create additional revenue streams for the commercial vendors.

DARPA leading DARPA Toolbox Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) programme manager Serge Leef said: “Partnering with technology innovators like CEVA through our DARPA Toolbox initiative serves to streamline access for our organisations to cutting-edge technologies.

“CEVA’s portfolio of processors, platform IP and software offer a compelling proposition to our researchers engaging in a range of projects requiring wireless communications or context-aware computing.”