The US Army National Guard (ARNG) has unveiled a plan that will align existing forces under eight division headquarters.

The move is aimed to increase the large-scale combat readiness of the force, as well as expedite talent management. It will also increase the number of divisions from existing ten to 18.

Army National Guard director Lieutenant General Daniel Hokanson said that the plan is aligned with the National Defense Strategy that provides a roadmap to meet upcoming challenges, following the re-emergence of strategic competition with China and Russia.

Hokanson said: “Future mobilisations and deployments in support of large-scale combat operations will require our formations to integrate with the Total Army and the Joint Force at every echelon.”

He also added that the restructuring will improve the training of the soldiers during capstone exercises. Such exercises are conducted at army training centres to assess the battle readiness of a unit.

Hokanson further stated: “This alignment will not only help us improve readiness, it will greatly enhance talent management from company to division level.

“Through coordination between Adjutants General and Division Commanders, our Soldiers will have opportunities for key leader development positions previously hampered by geography.”

The reorganisation does not affect the 54 Adjutants General authorities or current force structure.

Recently, the US Senate confirmed Hokanson as the 29th chief of the National Guard Bureau.