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WB Electronics and Thales have unveiled their tactical unmanned aircraft system for the Polish Gryf requirement at Poland’s MSPO exhibition.

The new solution, which is based on an unarmed Watchkeeper system delivered to the British Army, incorporates its surveillance capability with a strike capability of the Thales freefall lightweight multi-role missile (FFLMM).

Thales Defence Mission Systems executive vice-president Pierre Eric Pommellet said: "Thales is committed to delivering the right solution for Poland’s Gryf requirement.

"Of course, the solution is not just about meeting the capability needs but delivering the solution through collaboration with Polish industry."

The system’s intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capability will allow commanders to fully understand and exploit their environment, Thales stated.

In addition, it will be able to dynamically re-task to an effects-based capability in order to help making faster, better informed decisions during critical target engagement.

" Thales is committed to delivering the right solution for Poland’s Gryf requirement."

According to Thales, the system will be delivered through a full partnership with the wider Polish industry.

The partnership, which was announced in July, is expected to establish a sovereign capability for the Polish Armed Forces.

WB Electronics vice-president Adam Bartosiewicz said: "Cooperation with Thales on project Gryf for the Polish Army is the best demonstration that Polish companies have the capacity and expertise to offer the most technologically advanced military systems on a global level.

"We also expect that as a result of the established close cooperation, our British partners can also expand their trade portfolio on systems designed and developed in the WB Group."

Image: The tactical unmanned aircraft system will deliver the right capability to address the Polish Gryf requirement. Photo: courtesy of Thales Group.