The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of a potential $231m foreign military sale (FMS) of precision-guided munitions, equipment, and support to the Nato Support and Procurement Agency.

Under the sale, the agency has requested 500 KMU-556 F/B, 40 KMU-557 F/B and 1500 KMU-572 F/B joint direct attack munition (JDAM) guidance kits.

The contract will also cover 1,000 MAU 210 E/B computer control groups for 1,000-lb. enhanced Paveway IIs; 300 MAU 210 E/B groups for GBU-49s; 1025 MAU 169 L/B groups for GBU-12s; and 1,350 MU-152 A/B joint programmable fuses.

"The procurement will improve the Nato members' ability to meet current and future ground threats."

In addition, the agency is seeking 60 bomb fin assembly and airfoil group 650-MXU K/B for GBU-12s; 1025 bomb fin assembly and airfoil group, MXU-650 K/B AFG for GBU-12s.

The potential sale will also include detector sensing unit (DSU) 38A/B laser sensors, DSU-33D/B proximity sensors, wireless paveway avionics kit (WIPAK) interfaces for Enhanced Paveway II bombs, and FMU-139C/B electronic bomb fuses, as well as transportation, repair and return, engineering and support services.

Nato Support and Procurement Agency will send the precision-guided munitions to Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

The procurement will improve the Nato members' ability to meet current and future ground threats.

Boeing Corporation and Raytheon Missile Systems will serve as prime contractors for the sale.