Textron Marine & Land Systems (TM&ls) has debuted two new vehicles of its Commando line at the 2013 International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), currently underway in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The new Commando Select mortar vehicle and Commando Utility Baserunner have been designed to provide soldiers with protection exceeding mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) level 1 and enhanced road / offroad mobility in the battlefield.

Textron Marine & Land Systems senior vice president and general manager Tom Walmsley said the international militaries were seeking a mortar vehicle that combines indirect fire capabilities with enhanced mobility and protection, as well as a robust and flexible utility vehicle to support military base operations.

"These vehicles offer current and potential customers the new capabilities they seek."

"These vehicles offer current and potential customers the new capabilities they seek," Walmsley added.

Capable of firing at an azimuth of up to 360° and a firing elevation of 45° to 85°, Commando Select is a four-wheeled armoured personnel carrier developed to address international combat units’ requirements for an operationally flexible and adaptable under-armour indirect fire capability.

The easy-to-operate and maintain vehicle exceeds MRAP levels of crew protection and can also fire up to 120mm mortars from a common mount, and stow up to 82 rounds of high explosive, illumination and smoke munitions.

Three other Commando Select variants are currently under production and scheduled to be used by the Afghanistan National Army.

The 4×4 selectable gas/electric hybrid Commando Utility Baserunner vehicle has been designed to enable personnel to efficiently and safely accomplish missions in forward and rear echelon operational environments.

Equipped with the survivable combat tactical vehicle (SCTV) system, the vehicle can power through rough terrain and adverse conditions in the gas mode, whereas the electric mode provides quiet vehicle operations.

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